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While the Apple iPhone 4 has a number of features that are new to the iPhone family (such as Facetime, the retina display, etc), the iPhone 3GS still isn’t a bad phone by any stretch of the imagination.  The 3GS can still run the latest version of iOS relatively well, can still handle multi-media, and can still help you organize your life and stay connected on the go.

If you have yet to catch-up with the smartphone craze, Best Buy is going to be offering free iPhone 3GS handsets (8 GB) to new and qualifying existing AT&T customers during their “Free Smartphone Sales Event”.  However, unlike the other smartphones that are being offered through the program, the 3GS is only being offered today.

Whether it be for yourself or someone you love, a 3GS is still a decent handset and still a very usable and capable phone.

Below is the specific wording that was leaked from an internal Best Buy memo yesterday:

Dec. 10 – Free AT&T iPhone 3GS 8GB (SKU 10489998) – ONE DAY ONLY

You heard about this big one yesterday – FREE iPhone 3GS 8 GB (SKU 10489998) for any new 2-year or qualifying upgrade contract with AT&T (limit one per customer).

So, if you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you might want to consider this offer.  While it’s not the “latest and greatest”, it’s still an extraordinary phone.

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