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Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software delivered entirely over the internet. The creator of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, had the vision to eliminate the need for businesses to purchase servers, network infrastructure, or install software. In the year 1999, when the company was founded, this was unheard of. Salesforce was a pioneer in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that is standard for software companies now. Here we will give you some important tips and Salesforce solutions.

Understanding Salesforce

The purpose behind Salesforce is making sales teams more efficient and managers more effective. This is done by featuring all of the tools necessary to turn any sales team into winners. The driving force that propels this platform is data.

Data objects are what Salesforce refers to the data it gathers. These data objects include leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities. Salesforce is designed to maximize the use of the data collected by using the information to strengthen communications with prospects and current customers.

Phone Calls

When fielding internal calls using Salesforce, it is good practice to incorporate a sales script. Sales scripts help you maintain control of the conversation and direct the caller to take action. If you take calls without a script, you can quickly lose control of the conversation. So, before you waste precious time and money using the Salesforce platform, make sure your team has a good sales script in place.

Internal Apps

Familiarize yourself with the applications within Salesforce. There are literally thousands of applications within the platform that help simplify processes. These apps help with a wide range of functions from lead management to automating tasks. The AppExchange is an internal app store similar to a mobile app store. Some apps are for sale, and others are free.

Sales Cloud

This internal app gives organizations the sales and marketing tools to streamline the process of capturing, quantifying and eventually servicing new and return customers. This app also can run marketing campaigns and measure the return on marketing investment.

Service Cloud

The Service Cloud expedites the processing of support tickets, validating and enforcing support contracts, and provides customer service and sales resources. This app can be used to create a knowledge base for your customers.


Chatter is an internal application that resembles a social media platform. Chatter is like a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook meets your company’s data. If you want to notify a team member about a deal that is closing, you merely need to mention their name in a Chatter message, and they are able to see the transmission.

Social Profile

Salesforce allows users to link to their social media accounts. You can view clients and prospects activity online Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You are only able to see the activity of people who you are connected to on the social media platforms.


It is easy to see why so many companies are so dedicated to the use of Salesforce. The tips and highlights give here are just a few examples of what this fantastic platform can do.

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