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Well, this is a neat little service — BeatHound is a new service that allows you to upload your iTunes Library XML to their servers where it will be analyzed in order to provide you with awesome music recommendations. Once your library is analyzed, recommendations are sent to you via email. Right now, it takes a few hours before you receive an email with your recommendations, of course, mileage may vary depending upon the current queue of music libraries as well as the actual size of your music library.

One thing I like about Beathound is their privacy policy is very clear. It’s understandable that since you need to provide your iTunes Library file and email address that you may have some concerns about what exactly the service does with the data. Well, the good news is that they don’t sell it to third parties and they also won’t use it to spam you.

According to their privacy policy, the service will use your email address for four types of communications, emailing you when your library is finished being analyzed, if there are new releases available from artists in your library (maximum of one email per week), if they have new recommendations for you (if you opt into receiving recommendations), and service updates.

Your iTunes Library file is used strictly to find new releases from artists in your library and for recommending albums you may like based on albums already in your library.

It also appears the service is looking to expand from just analyzing iTunes library files, a link on their front page goes to a survey where users of different media/audio players can let the BeatHound team know what they use. This is most likely so they can prioritize what other players to support and in what order they should support them.

Have you checked out Beathound? What do you think?

Beathound front page

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