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We previously covered the launch of Babblr, the unofficially realtime Tumblr chat application, which was so popular that Babblr’s servers couldn’t handle the load on launch day.  “On the day of the official release, Babblr already had 208,000 subscribers and growing,” said Brandon Sowers, one of the co-founders of Babblr, “then the unimaginable happened,” he said, “30,000+ Tumblr users from countries around the world downloaded Babblr in just three hours.”

As a result of not being able to scale fast enough, the Babblr team reached out to the Tumblr community to raise some money to keep the service running.  However, another white knight appeared out of the woodwork for Babblr,  In a partnership with, Babblr is able to keep itself running smoothly supporting millions of users at a time while using’s technology.

Now with a renewed life, Babblr plans to continue to innovate and provide new features to its users.

Here is a list of what Babblr hopes to accomplish in the future.

  1. Go Beyond Chrome – Right now, Google Chrome is the only browser Babblr is supported on, however, the team hopes to change that soon, making it so Babblr will be available on all major browsers.
  2. Integrate Mobile – The team is also currently working on making Babblr mobile so users can chat from their smartphone and/or tablet.
  3. Add Video and Other Capabilities – The team is also looking to integrate other much-wanted features such as video chat conferencing.
  4. Expand to Other Social Media Sites – Tumblr isn’t the only social media site where you will be able to use Babblr in the future.
  5. Become Fully Cross-Platform – Taking it even one step further, Babblr hopes that it will not only cross over to other social media sites, but will also become the very first true cross-platform social media communication app. That way, no matter what social media service you are on, you can chat with any of your friends.

We’re glad to see Babblr back online, it’s a neat app and we look forward to keeping an eye on what they have in store next.

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