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So like me you bought that brand new shiny Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular and couldn’t wait to get it setup. You go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on Cellular only to be greeted by the following message: AT&T does not currently support Apple Watch. This obviously isn’t true you think to yourself, they were listed as a launch day carrier.

Well, after spending about an hour or so on the phone I found out that AT&T is having trouble activating Apple Watches that weren’t sold by AT&T–meaning if you bought your Series 3 directly from Apple you can’t get it activated…yet. I’m told by AT&T that a fix will be deployed by some time tomorrow which will remedy this issue. So in the meantime, hang tight and keep your iPhone with you as you can’t untether just yet.

UPDATE: This morning I was able to get my Apple Watch connected to AT&T. Here’s the steps I took:

  1. Restarted my iPhone.
  2. The Set Up Cellular button was then able to be tapped on, I did that, and it gave me an error saying I had to call AT&T.
  3. I called AT&T and they were able to get my new Apple Watch connected to my account (I had to provide them the Watch’s IMEI and EID numbers).
  4. Restart your watch, open the Apple Watch app again, go to General, then Cellular, then you should be able to login with your AT&T account to finish the activation.
  5. Enjoy!

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