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You may remember when Twitter acquired atebits, Loren Brichter’s app company, which is responsible for bringing Tweetie to the world, which later went on to become Twitter for iOS and Mac. It’s been almost a year since Loren Brichter left Twitter and now it appears he’s back creating apps as atebits.

You wouldn’t know that though based on the vague message on the atebits website, “Be right back.” the splash page says. However, a quick look at the atebits Twitter account will show you that something is brewing over there.

Last week a tweet was sent out of the account which said, “I think… it’s finished. Sending out the final beta to some lucky testers.” Lucky indeed. A day later, the account posted an image of the App Store control panel, where it said that version 1.0 of the app was waiting for review.

Atebits new ios app review

As of about an hour ago, the atebits account tweeted that the app is still waiting for review. So what’s Loren up to? What kind of app is it? Unfortunately, at this point, it’s still unknown, but we’re anxiously awaiting the release as it’s bound to be awesome.

We will keep you posted as we learn more. Stay tuned!

Update 1: The app is now in review.

Update 2: Loren Brichter posted on announcing that he is in fact back developing apps and that the first app to be released will be a game.

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