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Spanish authorities have made 3 arrests of people they believe to be linked to the hacking of Sony’s Playstation network. Authorities say the suspects are members of a known hacking group called Anonymous. The group is known for hacking into government networks, systems of large corporations, and even banks.

It is not totally confirmed that the group is fully responsible for the attack that crippled PSN, but authorities have come upon chat logs that indicate a role might have been played. Not only did they find evidence of a PSN attack on the logs, but also evidence of hacks against two Spanish banks, as well as government sites of 7 countries.

The suspects could also have played a role in the attacks on Citibank in May, and will be questioned by the Spanish government shortly. The Spanish government used Twitter to show the public a picture of an IRC log documenting a plan of the Sony attack. Over a dozen Sony sites were hacked and the companies Playstation Network was taken down for roughly a month so the damage could be fixed.

Anonymous has been known for going after companies in the entertainment industry (such as Sony) and also financial firms (such as Citi), but have recently broadened their targets to government agencies and websites. Stay tuned for more details about the masterminds who have been crippling companies for the past year.

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