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A little over a decade ago, the question was “What can a phone do at all?” Today, the question is “How much more can it do?” In this age, the limits on your smartphone are not visible to the eye. You can make calls (of course), leave messages, look up information, use social media to connect with people around the world, use it for entertainment, book tickets and tables, use virtual reality and augmented reality to visualize things in the real world, play games like mobile slots and Candy Crush, and so much more.

With so many functions, smartphones can seem like evil pieces of technology that kidnap your attention and kill your productivity. But that’s not true at all. If used wisely, your phones can be a great tool in your growth. How? You can list out some of the good habits you want to inculcate and then use habit tracking apps to make sure you stick to them.

Here are the best habit tracking apps you can use to climb the ladder of personal growth and success.

Way of Life

Way of Life is probably one of the only apps that let you track both good and bad habits. All you have to do is pick a goal action and tell the app whether the action is good or bad for you. For example, you can set sleeping for 8 hours as “Good” and smoking a cigarette as “Bad”. Once set up, the app will dispatch daily reminders to input which habits you did or didn’t do on the given day.

Way of Life’s best feature lies in how beautifully and efficiently it displays the tracked data. It depicts your performance in chains, bar charts, trend lines, and pie charts. If you geek out over charts and graphs, then this app is right up your alley. One downside that may bother you is the limited number of habits (only three) you can track in the free version.

One of the leading habit tracking apps around, takes the habit tracking functionality one step further. Just like most others, you can track a multitude of habits in this app. It has a simple and neat interface and, thus, is a breeze to use. However, this app excels by offering personalized habit coaching and leadership coaching as part of its services on top of the free mobile app.

You can easily hire a real coach for as little as $15, but if you don’t feel the need, get in touch with the community for any queries and support.


Strides are probably the most customizable app in our list, letting you track anything you want, any way you want. Pick a goal or use the list of suggested ones, set a target either in terms of output or date, and then specify the action you’ll be doing as part of your habit.

You can customize it to track your activities by day, week, month, year, or even on a rolling average. The app allows you to use any one of the four unique tracker types as part of the flexible interface. It also has a handy dashboard to see everything at a glance.


If you want to see a complete and clear breakdown of your day, ATracker is your tracker. It offers insights on how you’re spending your time, which repetitive tasks take how much time, and where you’re overspending.

At the end of it all, you’ll see a simple breakdown in the form of a pie chart. Pay attention to these pie charts, evaluate your time breakdown over the past week, past month, or other preset range, and use that information to make better goals.

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