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This Sunday more than 100 million people will tune into the Super Bowl on their televisions, tablets and mobile devices.  A number of companies have created apps to add to the user experience.  So, if you want to add an extra element of tech to your Super Bowl experience this Sunday, here is a list of some tempting apps for Super Bowl Sunday that you can dish out:

1.) CBS SportCaster (FREE: Android and iOS) CBS SportCaster is the must-have app for the game.  The Android and iPhone app delivers fast updates of scores, stats and tweets. It actually contains a built-in Twitter client that will display realtime “smack talk” on the game.  You can customize push notices and have real-time messages sent straight to your smartphone.  (This is big for me because I usually miss all the big plays from talking too much.)

2.) Football Party Game ($4.99: iOS) This app is a live trivia game designed for this year’s big game and is especially great if you are having a party.  It’s available for iPhone, iPad, and the Web. The app has questions like “What color will the gatorade be on the head coach?” and “Will there be a safety?” As party-goers answer questions throughout the game, they earn points for correct guesses.


3.) 49ers Gameday Live and Baltimore Ravens Mobile (Free: Android and iOS) You know we live in a digital world when even the football teams have their own apps.  Both apps provide real-time stats, clips from the game and previous games, and tweets from all the team members.

4.) A+ Superbowl Commercials (Free: iOS) and (Free: Android) Now I admit, I love the Super Bowl commercials–especially because my team isn’t in the big game (Pittsburgh Steelers).  Superbowl-Ads for Android provides info about the latest ads from articles pulled from the website and lets you watch some of them.  And, if you just want to relive the old favorites, try A+ Super Bowl Commercials for the iPhone.

5.) NFL Mobile (Free: iOS and Android) If you’re on the Verizon Network, then this is definitely one to get.  This app lets you stream the Super Bowl live and is chalk full of stats and rankings.  Plus, the app has a “social” button to post your stream of consciousness about the game.  If you also have Verizon FIOS, you can even stream live action.

So there you have it, the best apps for the big game.  Enjoy!

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