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Anytime an operating system gets an update—be it for a mobile phone or a full-on computer—some things are bound do get a little wonky. Sure, the new version of the OS may promise all kinds of improvements, but between unexpected issues and older applications not working with the newest update, getting the newest iteration of an operating system can often be a little dicey. Now, a mobile app testing company is warning that users may want to wait a few weeks before upgrading their iPhones to iOS 7.

According to a post on Business Insider, Massachusetts-based company uTest is saying that a number of the applications released through Apple’s App Store are having some trouble with the latest version of iOS, set to be available for download this Wednesday. Matt Johnston, uTest’s chief marketing officer, says that “90% of iOS apps tested for the first time are having trouble,” referring to testimonies by the company’s customers. The problems range from issues with font sizes that get cut-off, to straight-up crashes. Also of note is the much vaunted new ‘swipe-up’ feature that offers users the opportunity to adjust the iPhone’s settings without having to leave apps. This new gesture command seems to be getting in the way of other apps that may already make use of such a gesture.

So what’s the takeaway from Johnston’s warnings? Mostly that any operating system update is going to have some issues that need to get straightened out. One of the reasons this story might resonate more with iPhone users is because the Apple experience is usually expertly curated and crafted to maximize user satisfaction. That’s one of the reasons why the iPhone’s been so damn successful: Apple’s in charge of making sure that it’s the best OS and smartphone experience possible.

But the company simply can’t keep tabs on every single app sold in the App Store. And with iOS 7, it’s made lots of changes that will improve the core experience. If app developers don’t keep up with Apple’s big change, they’re going to have a lot of angry customers on their hands.

As an Android user, I’m used to apps not working. As explained by Bluebox Security’s CTO Jeff Forristal not too long ago, there are over 3,000 Android devices capable of running applications downloaded from Google Play, and all of them are probably running a different variation of the software. Expecting software hiccups and problems is par for the course when you’ve got an open OS and so many different devices putting their own spin on it.

But with Apple’s OS update around the corner, it’s possible that iPhone users may learn what it’s like to be an Android for a few weeks. That said, it’s extremely likely that whatever wrinkles may crop up in apps with the new OS will be ironed out by developers in just a few weeks. In the meantime, you may want to wait until October to upgrade your operating system.

What do you think? Will you wait? Or are you ready to take the plunge?

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