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I just ordered the brand new Apple TV.  But I guess the question is why?  Why did I order it?  It wasn’t the inner-fanboy, like some may argue took over when I ordered the Magic Trackpad.  This purchase actually bridges a gap in my media consumption experience.  For the longest time, I haven’t been able to find the bridge to connect my computer and TV in a way which made sense (for me).  The way I currently watch TV/Movies is sitting at my computer with the content playing on my 30″ Apple Cinema display.

It works, but it’s not ideal.  Instead I’d like to sit on my couch and watch on my 42″ LG LCD TV.  The previous Apple TV would have allowed me to do that but I wasn’t willing to shell out $229 for it.  However, an Apple TV with a $99 price point I am willing to purchase.  And so I did.  It also makes perfect sense for someone such as myself to buy an Apple TV over lets say a DVR (which I almost did).

I have a couple of season passes on iTunes.  The Apple TV can seamlessly allow those TV shows to play on my TV from my computer.  A DVR on the other hand can’t, just like it can’t integrate with iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, or my iPhone or iPad.  The Roku box can do a few of those things but certainly not all of them, it is a good alternative though.

The Apple TV makes sense for me – it fits perfectly into the way I have been consuming and purchasing media content.  I love the fact XBOX Live provides me with the ability to use Netflix on my XBOX 360 and play TV shows and movies directly on my TV.  Some people probably use XBOX Live exclusively for that feature.  Now I don’t even need an Live subscription for that anymore.  My Apple TV can do it for a one-time price of $99 (plus my Netflix subscription of $10/month of course).

I’m set now.  I have my computer, my iPhone for mobile, my iPod Touch for the car, my XBOX 360 for gaming, and now my Apple TV to complete the bridge for all media consumption.

Things I wish it had:

  • Do I wish it supported 1080p?  Sure.
  • Do I wish all the major broadcast networks were on board at launch? Yes, but I find it hard to believe they won’t be soon.

What do you think of the new Apple TV?

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