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When iOS 8 made its way to iPhones this past fall, there were a few technical glitches that made headlines and caused headaches – there was the long downloading time that some Apple customers encountered, and then a massively buggy OS update released shortly after iOS 8 hit. A new report out of 9to5Mac, however, says that Apple is focusing on shoring up the operating system’s stability as it gears up to release iOS 9 in 2015.

According to the report, iOS 9 has been codenamed “Monarch” inside Apple, and the development team’s work is going to focus on “fixing bugs, maintaining stability, and boosting performance for the new operating system, rather than solely focusing on delivering major new feature additions.”

And that makes sense, since the iPhone is being asked to carry a bit more than it has in the past. The upcoming release of the Apple Watch means that synced iPhones may have to carry the load of managing data between two devices and their apps instead of just one. Sure, there are plenty of Bluetooth-connected devices that people have been using with their iPhones, but the Apple Watch seems like it’ll be pretty performance intensive, and is meant for all-day, constant use. Apple will certainly want to make sure that iOS 9 is up to the challenge to deliver the best user experience possible as more customers jump onboard.

Additionally, what else could Apple throw onto the heap? Mobile operating systems are pretty feature packed – even the major overhaul that was Android 5 was mostly just UI tweaks and redesigns. It has more baked in shortcuts to already in-place features. What could Apple give to iOS 9 that it hasn’t already given?

On that note, Apple will probably have loads of new ideas when iOS 10 rolls around in 2016, after having had about a year of Apple Watch usage and all kinds of possibilities unearthed. In the meantime, get your iPhones ready for the stability of iOS 9.

[Source: 9to5Mac]

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