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Despite being hacked and the developer center being down, Apple has just pushed iOS 7 beta 4 to developers.  We told you earlier that iOS 7 beta 4 may go live today, and well, here it is. You can download iOS 7 beta 4 from the Developer Center [requires iOS developer account] or if you already have iOS 7 beta 3 on your device, you can upgrade via Settings > General > Software Update.

It looks like iOS 7 beta 4 includes mostly bug fixes, including fixing the issue of calendar events not syncing properly.  The new build of iOS 7 also features new male and female Siri voices for U.S. English and French, and a male voice for German.

After playing around with iOS 7 beta 4 for a bit, here are few other things I’ve noticed that are new:

  • The lock screen has been changed — the arrow now points in the direction you need to swipe to unlock and the control center is represented by a horizontal bar not an up arrow.
  • The HDR button has been moved to the top of the camera app.
  • The phone buttons (call, answer, decline) have been tweaked.
  • A “Cancel” button has been added to the Spotlight search feature.
  • You can swipe between notification center areas.
  • Shuffle and download all songs has returned to the Music app.
  • You can search through the Reminders app.
  • More Siri suggestions have been added.

We’ll report back with any more major changes to the latest iOS beta.

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