Somewhat stealthily, Apple has released an updated version of its home desktop computer, the iMac. The updated components on display here are far from remarkable, but overall combine to create a desktop computer with refined performance and boosted internal specs.

The new iMac comes in four models, of which two of each belong to the 21.5-inch display category and the 27-inch display category. The 21.5-inch models include Intel Core i5 processors that range from 2.7GHz speed to 2.9GHz. The stock 27-inch models also have i5 chips, but are clocked faster at 3.2GHz and 3.4GHz.  The higher-end 27-inch can also be upgraded to an i7 clocked at 3.5GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz for an extra $200.

All four models come with 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM, but can be upgraded to 16GB for an extra $200 or 32GB for an extra $600, and all models include a 1TB internal hard drive.  Of course, you can always opt for a SSD or a Fusion Drive with your iMac instead of the traditional hard drive.  The lower-end 21.5-inch model includes Intel Iris Pro graphics, while the upper three models contain dedicated Nvidia cards of varying power and memory capability. All models also include a 802.11ac Wi-Fi card, allowing you to cruise the Internet at much faster speeds than you could on your previous wireless iMac.

You can see the entire list of differences by visiting the iMac page on Apple’s website, and even customize one to your liking. Heck, you can buy one right now if you’ve got at least $1299 lying around, just collecting dust atop your current iMac. Which, if you own a lot of Apple products, is probably not an unfair assumption.

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