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When Apple didn’t announce a pre-order date for the iPhone 5s people were really confused.  How could this be?  Why is Apple only offering a pre-order for the iPhone 5c?  Well, we may now know for sure why that decision was made by Apple.  Multiple sources of BGR have told them that the reason why Apple is not offering a pre-order of the iPhone 5s is because Apple cannot produce enough iPhone 5s devices to meet initial demand.

One can speculate about the reasons as to why the there will be an apparent iPhone 5s shortage, including the fingerprint sensor causing potential manufacturing issues. Despite the likely shortages for the iPhone 5s, customers should not expect to have any issue with purchasing a 5c on launch day (for the reasons we explained).

Additionally, 9to5Mac is saying to expect the supply of AT&T models (in the United States) to be stronger than Verizon Wireless models in the higher-capacity configurations for the 5s.  They also reported that in terms of availability relating to storage capacities in general that 16GB and 32GB configurations could be easier to find than the higher-end 64GB models.

Nonetheless, there you have it.  The reason Apple could not do pre-orders for the iPhone 5s is because supply is “severely constrained” and the company had to make sure that there were as many devices as possible to sell in stores on launch day.  Moral of the story?  If you want an iPhone 5s on launch day, get to your local Apple store early.

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