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Eager for a way to get involved with Apple’s iOS mobile ecosystem, but the iPhone 5c still a little bit too out of your price range? Good news – Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch a new version of the midrange smartphone that strips down the available internal storage from the 16GB of the current base model to just 8GB. The source of the leak is OS2 Germany, which plans on launching the smartphone any day now for 60 euro less than the going price of the 16GB iPhone 5c.

While Apple has been quiet to report specific sales numbers for the iPhone 5c, company CEO Tim Cook did confirm during the last quarterly call that demand for the iPhone 5c was “different than [Apple] thought.” This plus a few other factors has led many analysts to suggest that demand for the iPhone 5c has been much lower than expected, perhaps due to its higher than expected price point. An 8GB iPhone 5c would likely be an effort to drive the price down even further in an attempt to bolster sales.

While the current leak has stemmed from Germany, the company rare launches versions of their handsets not intended for the larger market. I’d consider it likely that we’ll be seeing the launch of the 8GB iPhone 5c across the globe, likely including here in the United States. The question then becomes simple – what will happen with the last remaining iPhone of the long gone 30-pin era, the iPhone 4S? Up until now, Apple has had the device stick around for the low low price of free on contract, however it seems likely given its ridiculously high sales margins that Apple would be able to offer the 8GB iPhone 5c perhaps free on contract here stateside.

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