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While the tech world’s eyes are on Barcelona and the ongoing Mobile World Congress event, rumors about Apple’s iPhone 6 plans have popped up online—specifically related to its super-high-definition Sapphire Glass display. According to a post on BGR, the iPhone 6 is likely to come out this fall, based on a financial report from Apple’s Sapphire screen supplier, GT Advanced. If true, this could potentially quash Apple fans’ hopes that the new iPhone 6 will be released during the company’s annual WWDC event scheduled for this coming June.

According to the financial report, GT Advanced is looking to the back half of 2014 as the projected time frame to fulfill many of its big orders:

“The company expects that 2014 will be a transformational year, one in which it builds a sapphire materials business while continuing to invest in the new technologies that will drive its equipment business in 2015 and beyond. The company expects that revenue and profitability will be back end loaded, with its sapphire materials business ramping as the year progresses, and with improving financial performance during the second half of 2014.”

Considering that the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C were revealed in September 2013—a good three months after WWDC—it wouldn’t be too terribly surprising for Apple to pull a similar move for the iPhone 6. That said, the iPhone 4 was introduced at WWDC in 2010, so if nothing else, it probably depends heavily on what else Apple has up its sleeve for the summer event.

But that’s not all we’ve heard about regarding the iPhone 6 today. A post on Forbes reports that not only will Apple’s sapphire screen set it apart from the competition, the company also plans on going above and beyond its “Retina” quality of high definition display. For the new iPhone, Apple is going to incorporate Quantum Dot technology, which can currently be found in the Kindle Fire HDX 7. According to the report, Apple will be building on the existing patents for Quantum Dot technology (currently held by Nanosys) to create its own “twist” on the display technology.

In short, the report says that Apple’s banking on the iPhone 6 screen blowing away the competition. And considering Apple’s reputation for innovating and leading by example, there’s plenty good reason to believe that to be the case. And since many believe that the new iPhone will feature a tiny-to-non-existent bezel, I can imagine that emphasizing a superior high-definition screen is going to top Apple’s list of priorities.

So will we see the iPhone 6 at WWDC this summer? I still believe that we might. Just like Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 yesterday with an April release down the road, I wouldn’t rule out Apple following a similar example. But there’s no way to know until the event rolls around. Until then, we’ll just have to keep scooping up every rumor we hear.

[Sources: BGR, Forbes]

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