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After over a year of rumors and reports, Apple has finally revealed the Apple Watch. It’s not called the iWatch, but it looks better than we could’ve imagined – even without a round display. Starting at $349, the Apple Watch will hit shelves in early 2015.

applewatch-heartsThe Apple Watch’s main method of UI is the digital crown, a small dial that allows users to interact with the Apple Watch in different ways. The Apple Watch itself utilizes sensors to respond to user’s movements, activating when a user lifts the arm. Moreover, the Apple Watch body is somewhat flexible, and appears to be gently curved, all under a sapphire glass display. The display also seems to offer haptic feedback and pressure sensitivity for when a user touches the display. A bevy of sensors on the back of the Apple Watch will also monitor users’ health and biometric information. The rear of the watch also connects magnetically with a wireless charger.

The Digital Crown can zoom in and out on apps, alter selections on the Apple Watch, and when pushed in, can bring a user back to home. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch also provides a touchscreen for swiping and selecting. Another button under the Digital Crown brings up contacts as well, providing all kinds of ways  to communicate with others.

applewatch-sensorsApple also has six interchangeable straps to start, ranging from sport-style to more fashionable stylish watchbands. One can only assume that these are only the first few watchbands Apple will be releasing, not to mention all the third-party options we’ll be able to get coming down the pike. The Apple Watch also comes in two sizes, large and small, which acknowledges that, well, different people have different sized wrists. The Apple Watch itself also comes in different metal finishes depending on your style: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. The device will work with all iPhone models starting with the iPhone 5. That includes the 5, 5s, 5C, 6, and 6 Plus.

Apple also announced WatchKit, a set of developer tools that will allow for apps to be optimized for the Apple Watch. It’ll be interesting to see what app developers do with WatchKit. Hopefully it won’t take too long to see some interesting applications make their way to the newest star in the Apple universe.

Suddenly just about every Android Wear smartwatch is looking pretty janky right about now.

[Apple Watch]

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