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As September 9th approaches, iPhone rumors abound. Once again from re/code, it seems that American Express has agreed to work with Apple on their payment plan expected to be bundled with the iPhone 6.

It’s been rumored up and down the wall that the iPhone 6 is going to have NFC (Near Field Communication) support built in, as well as credit payment services––but in order for Apple to be able to accomplish that, they need to come to some sort of agreement with credit card companies. Visa, apparently, has already signed a deal, and now AmEx seems to have fallen in line. Nothing official has come from Apple, so we will keep looking for updates.

Mobile wallets aren’t something new, but they haven’t become all that popular yet. Apple has a chance of changing that, especially if they build the support physically into the iPhone 6. The company has hundreds of millions of user credit card information on record, and and if they get agreements from all the major companies, it would just become all that more easy for an iPhone owner to convert their device into a credit card.

How would that work? With the inclusion of NFC, all a customer would have to do is tap the device linked to their credit card on a POS (Point of Sale) terminal, and voila! It’s also possible that Touch ID fingerprint scanners may play a role in the Apple’s mobile wallet.

What’s great about this is that we won’t have to wait that long for confirmation. Next Tuesday the 9th all Apple rumors will be revealed, so buckle your seatbelts.


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