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In the world of iOS app development, there are currently two types of apps: apps built with Apple’s own development tools, and apps that are built with some kind of app-building tool. While the latter tools help non-developer types put together their own apps, content in the app is usually plugged into some kind of template. The end result is a bunch of apps that use the same tools and templates and wind up looking the same — precisely the scenario that AppArchitect was built to avoid.

20130606-170732.jpgAppArchitect claims to do what a lot of those other tools do — offer individuals and companies an easy way to create apps for the iPhone or iPad. But where other tools are limited by their templates, AppArchitect presents a drag-and-drop Web interface that is capable of creating more robust applications, and users are able to test their apps on a mobile device without a lot of hassle. In time, CEO Ilya Zatulovskiy envisions AppArchitect becoming the “WordPress” of mobile app builders.

“We see ourselves as an extendable platform which will allow others to build plugins and themes,” he said.

The service was born out of TechCrunch’s Disrupt Hackathon in 2011 — the product of a couple of people who all had full-time jobs and projects going on elsewhere. They decided to run with the AppArchitect idea and, since then, have raised $325,000 from Actinic Ventures and DreamIt Ventures, as well as several other angel investors.

According to Zatulovskiy, AppArchitect will stay free while it remains in beta over the next few months. A roll-out of official pricing options is expected sometime near the end of the year, and will come in two flavors: an express option, which allows you to publish apps under AppArchitect’s developer account, and an advanced option for use with your own developer account. This advanced tier will give you the ability to download your app’s binary and extend the AppArchitect platform through add-ons and plugins.

As far as features we can expect to see in the future, support for data forms will be coming in a few weeks. And for those who have app needs outside of iOS, Zatulovskiy tells me that Android support is about six months out.

You can check out AppArchitect for free at If you do so, be sure to drop us a line and tell us what you think.

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