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We’ve been hearing rumors that Amazon has been working on a new game console platform for quite some time now, likely powered by Android under the hood similar to the OUYA game console that we reviewed upon its release last summer. Now today we’re getting our first look at photos of what appears to be an official Amazon branded game controller, likely for use on such a platform.


The photos reveal a controller that looks markedly similar to controllers bundled with both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. You’ve got your traditional layout of two analogue sticks, a nice looking D-Pad, the usual A/B/Y/X buttons, with triggers and bumpers on the top of the device. Amazon appears to also be taking a page out of the Xbox One when it comes to navigation, as the leaked controller also contains both a home button and that same “hamburger” menu button, along with a dedicated back button. There’s also a row of media buttons on the bottom of the controller, including Previous, Play/Pause, and Forward.

LED lights appear to inform the user as to connectivity and player number, while the battery is said to be powered by double A batteries. We expect the upcoming hardware to integrate with Amazon’s wide range of services and utilities, including Amazon GameCircle – Amazon’s version of Xbox Live or Game Center – as well as provide access to Amazon’s wide range of entertainment options.

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