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Believe it or not AIM scammers are still around.  I was a little surprised when my brother came calling for me because he supposedly got an IM claiming he was infected with malicious software and that his AIM account would be deleted within 8 days if he didn’t verify it was his account by providing his password over the IM chat.  Yes, provide his password over the instant message to someone who claims to work for AOL.

I’m proud of him for calling me before doing anything silly.  I, on the other hand, couldn’t resist messing with the guy a bit.  Below is a screenshot of the IM as well as a text version of the conversation.  I have filtered out my brothers screen name for obvious reasons, however, I will leave this idiots screen name for anyone who wishes to chat with him.  (See IM conversation and screenshot after the jump).

(1:32:10 PM) <botproaim> Hello <my brothers screen name>, our employees at AOL have detected malicious software associated with your account and is scheduled for deletion in 8 days. For vertification, please state your password.
(1:47:49 PM) <Jason> are you fucking serious?
(1:49:24 PM) <botproaim> Our employees have found several trojans associated with your account that may delete it and use it for spam. Vertify to prevent our employees at AOL from deleting it.
(1:50:11 PM) <Jason> Ok. One second, while I get your IP address so I can publish this scam on several news sites and report you to AOL and the authorities.
(1:51:17 PM) <Jason> Save your key strokes, I'm not falling for any BS you pull.


Can you believe that?  Leave some comments.

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