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Aereo announced today that the cloud DVR/live TV streaming service will be expanding into the Tri-state area, and will begin offering its service to more than 19 million people living in the area surrounding New York City. The expansion will cover 29 new counties across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Before today, only residents in New York’s five boroughs had access to the service.

In addition to the roll out, Aereo will be launching a massive advertising campaign, the multimillion dollar ad campaign will appear on billboards, phone kiosks, buses, ferries, and commuter trains around the New York area. The company even managed to obtain a spot on Penn Station’s massive digital advertising wall.

The tagline for the campaign is: “Live TV. Online. No Cable Required.”

Right now, Aereo offers around 30 (some of these 30 channels are spanish-language channels) streaming channels, including every major broadcast channel (CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC).  However, Chet Kanojia, the CEO of Aereo said that content licensing deals are part of the company’s roadmap.  In fact, they just signed-on Bloomberg to their list of channels.

Aereo also offers DVR functionality, so you can record shows for later viewing, just as you would with a regular cable DVR box.

Aereo offers a few different plan options, all of which are very affordable.  You can find the complete plan details below.  We’re also working on a complete review of Aereo and will have that online sometime this week.


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