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We reviewed Aereo, the live TV streaming service that lets you watch and record live TV anywhere, back in March and had mostly favorable things to say about it, including about its fair pricing structure.  Unfortunately today Aereo has announced that it will be changing its pricing and plan options starting May 15, 2013 in a way that may not be all too popular.

Aereo will be eliminating the $1/day plan and as well as the $80/year annual subscription from its plan options.  Now, Aereo will only offer its its $8 monthly plan (which includes 20 hours of DVR storage) or a $12 monthly plan that triples DVR storage to 60 hours.  The change in plans may not be appealing for customers who were looking at Aereo as a long term solution for cord cutting, as it will now cost people more money on an annual basis.  It also appears Aereo is no longer offering the option to try the service for free, that option is currently greyed out.

As for why Aereo is changing it up?  The company says that its data showed that customers wanted a more “simple” approach to pricing.

Nonetheless, what’s done is done.  In order to entice people to try Aereo, the company is offering people the ability to signup and receive a free month right off the bat, meaning if you cancel before your second month with the service starts, you will not be charged.

Does this change in pricing make you reconsider trying Aereo?  Let us know!

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