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When a patient is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, he or she will soon find out that they will go through Hemodialysis until a donor organ can be found. This procedure keeps patients alive during the tedious await for a transplant but dialysis is also uncomfortable and painful, patients get their blood diverted into an external machine, where it’s filtered before being returned to the body, sometimes up to three times a week. This often causes serious damage to the veins. Aditlys’ medical technology is developing a restorative, polymer-based vascular access solution that will allow patients to grow new blood vessels. This device could not only reduce complications and healthcare costs associated with these treatments, it could also turn their lives around for the better.

Currently, the only options for patients approaching chronic kidney failure are, kidney transplant, peritoneal dialysis, and hemodialysis. To get the procedure done, Hemodialysis patients might have to visit the hospital several times a week but that’s not the hardest part of the process.

Hemodialysis consists of purifying the blood of a sick patient through the use of an external machine, the dialyzer. In order to connect to the veins of the patient, an access path has to be made surgically, prior to the first treatment. The options currently available for creating this access path are through a fistula, connecting an artery to a vein, or a graft which uses a plastic tubing, made from “permanent polymers.” Both have proven to cause complications such as infections, or failure of maturation, leading to a non-usable access path.

Aditlys is a medical technology firm and developers of the first bioresorbable polymer-based graft for patients undergoing dialysis. The technology and bioabsorbable materials enables a patient’s body to naturally form its own blood vessel for positive, long-term results. Aditlys is now introducing medical technology funding to the blockchain community with its upcoming token sale.

The solution Aditlys developed is a polymer-based implant that has a porous structure which allows a patient’s healing response to develop tissue that fills the structure and creates a blood vessel. As this occurs, the device is gradually replaced by the body’s own tissue, leaving a natural, fully restored blood vessel, with no foreign material to disrupt the life-saving treatment.

Along with Nobel Prize winning science and research to back them up, Silvere Lucquin’s, CEO of Aditlys, hope was to explore permanent solutions to one of the most common diseases affecting people around the world, “In doing so, we have developed a VA product that can reduce complications and, in turn, hospitalization expenditures. Aditlys is offering a new perspective in vascular treatments by bringing in regenerative medicine techniques.”

The idea is still in its early stages and it might still take a while until the company can implement the procedure on patients or have vascular doctors using the tool in place of what currently works. Nevertheless, it’s clear that any improvements on this field could make a difference in kidney disease patients’ lifestyle for the better.

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