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Ever wondered how to win online contests? This article will tell you about new ways:

Entering online contests that require votes can be a challenge. Once you have submitted your entry you cannot afford to sit back and wait to be voted in as the winner. So why not look at proven ways to increase your odds of winning?

Playing the voting game right:

Most online contests work on a system of using a voting system combined with judges. They may use the voting system to narrow down the finalists, after which the judges pick the winner from these. Other contests have the judges pick the finalists and the online voters then pick the final winner. The third type of contest does away with the judges completely, letting the online voters determine the winner.

What type of strategy will ensure you a win? Read on to find out some of the creative ways to garner votes, since relying on friends alone is usually not enough. Always read the contest’s rules carefully and follow them closely to avoid disqualification.

Get help by expanding your network

Family and friends will certainly vote for you, but these votes will definitely not be enough. Ask them to be your ambassadors and help you to expand your network by asking their family and friends to also vote for you.

Make friends with other contestants

Use social media to create a club with people who like to enter contests like you. You can all meet, be friends and support each other as needed.

Use social to connect with people

Connect with as many people that you share interest with on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, but don’t limit yourself to these only.  Follow them and show an interest in them by sharing things with them, and when the time comes to ask for their vote in an online contest, they will surely help you. On Facebook you can ask friends to vote on your wall or you can create a private voting group. There are also vote exchange groups – not all contests allow them though, so check first.

Trade game gifts for contest votes

If you play games on Facebook (e.g. Candy Crush) you can offer lives and other in-game gifts in exchange for contest votes.

Use your signature on forums and emails to garner votes

Change your signature on online forums and invite people to vote for you. There are a variety of sweepstake and savings forums where you can request support, but these depend on exchanges, so remember to return the favor.

Also provide an email signature to ask any people that you contact by email to vote for you too.

Giveaways will attract votes

Give people the chance to win a prize if they vote for you or if they ask others to vote for you.

Use YouTube to reach people

If you want to reach a lot of people, then a creative video on YouTube, which can be linked to all the others forums and social media that you use, can attract a lot of attention and may even go viral. That means that you can easily reach thousands, even millions of people that can help you win by voting for you.

Make your community aware and get their support

Print flyers and share them out at the local mall or put them up on notice boards; even at your workplace. If the prize is large, you can also get your local media interested in featuring a story on you, it could either be on radio, television or in the newspaper.

The ‘game changing’ way to get votes

There is an easier way to ensure that you get votes on online contests. Be wary of people looking to cheat you and always look for reputable sites where you can buy safe online votes. With you can buy contest votes in a secure way to ensure that your entry to the contest is not threatened with disqualification.  You can safely get votes and photo likes that will be delivered to boost your online participation in all types of contests.

When you buy contest votes, the good thing is that the deadlines of the contest will be met so that you benefit at the required time. Be sure that every vote will count. The team offers a round the clock customer support service for all your concerns and queries and are the true professionals in the buy online votes industry.

100% real votes are provided for people entering contests around the world. Anyone using these methods can fulfill their dream of winning the online contest that they have set their heart on. It’s as simple as ordering your premium pack of contest votes to see some game-changing results.

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