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Different WordPress plugins act as a helping hand for entrepreneurs who run WordPress based business websites and seek speedy growth. Plugins enable you to add more features and functionalities to your website, automate daily business activities, and boost the overall performance of the online business. The online marketplace is full of different plugins designed for business websites. Entrepreneurs often find it difficult to critically analyze different plugins and choose the most suitable ones for the promotion of their business activities.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of the top 9 WordPress plugins every business person should use in 2019 to reap maximum benefits. Have a look at them.


WooCommerce is a very useful plugin for all entrepreneurs who are mulling to use the WordPress CMS to launch a small or medium scale E-commerce business. With the plugin, you can turn your business website into a full-scale online shopping portal with all necessary features and functionalities. The plugin facilitates central store dashboard with key metrics, which allows you to manage the E-commerce business from one space and analyze its performance.

You can easily create a product, cart, and checkout pages using this plugin and add secure payment options to the site. It allows you to integrate content and commerce across your site. Automated tax calculations, Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Facebook integration- all make this plugin more useful for all those individuals who run WordPress based E-commerce website.

Ultimate WhatsApp Chat

Now, entrepreneurs have started to recognize the importance of WhatsApp for business organizations. While operating a business website with WordPress, you can use this plugin to fully capitalize the business potential of WhatsApp to promote your business on the web. This plugin allows you to add WhatsApp chat feature to your website, communicate with customers instantly and sell more products and services.

You can use numerous WhatsApp account to communicate with visitors on the website. It also allows you to show your status to customers and deliver instant text, SMS and video notification to them. You can send notifications to clients, business partners, traders and customers in different languages to the international audience, get business opportunities, and sell more products and services.

Yoast SEO

E-commerce SEO is not a child’s play. Even the most experienced digital marketing specialists and SEO experts struggle to optimize E-commerce websites and their several product pages. Sudden Google updates add fuel in the fire. All your hard works may go in vain after a core Google update. Use Yoast SEO to optimize E-commerce websites rightly and gain tangible results in little efforts.

After successful installation and activation, the plugin draws your attention to all possible flaws in content, meta description, tags, URLs, content readability issues, placement of keywords, copy score, etc, and suggest you to do list with red, yellow and green marks. You should work on points marked with red and yellow colors and try to make them green. This helps a lot in E-commerce website optimization. Your website is optimized as per the latest SEO rules and regulations. So, you get tangible results every day, week, and month.

Business Directory Plugin

This plugin is your best friend if you run a business directory website with WordPress and looking for speedy growth. It is a powerful, responsive, and easy-to-use WordPress plugin. You can use it on your website to increase interaction with clients, add a revenue-generating section on the site, and get more customers. It comes with lots of image options. So, it becomes easier for you to optimize images as per your needs.

It allows you to customize the site as per your needs. With the help of this plugin, you can get payments from customers using different payment channels. The plugin supports reCAPTCHA to avoid spam listings.

It is a responsive plugin. So, visitors can easily access your website on mobile devices. It allows visitors to get the location-based directory result filtering. It supports multiple languages. So, you can make your website available in different languages and get more business opportunities.


All modern business organizations and companies recognize the huge significance of real-time interaction with visitors and clients. When customers land on the site, they expect someone to answer their questions quickly (related to products and services) so that they can make instant transactions. You can use this plugin to boost the interaction level with customers, send automated notifications to them for all important business activities, capture important details of customers, and personalize business marketing campaigns easily.

WP Google My Business Auto Publish

Google My Business is a gift to all business owners. It allows them to advertise their brand, products, and services on Google & get more customers easily. It’s very difficult for a busy entrepreneur or SEO professionals to write separate posts for Google My Business account aimed at business promotion.

Therefore, they can use this plugin for the automation of marketing campaigns. Once installed and activated, the plugin automatically publishes your sites posts on your Google My Business account which in return will help you to get more business opportunities. From time-to-time, you can make changes in settings to make your posts more visible to the targeted audience and get more traffic to the website- the main source of revenues for online entrepreneurs. 

Google Reviews Widget

All entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that active online shoppers and customers read product reviews on several web platforms before making transactions. Therefore, it is very important for all business owners to display reviews on their site. It helps them to influence the purchasing decisions of customers and win more clients. You can use this plugin to display Google reviews on your website, create a positive perception of the brand and trigger mass sales.

WordPress Viral Quiz

A good number of WordPress website owners conduct surveys and quizzes to increase user engagement with the brand, know their preferences, personalize business marketing campaigns and get more business opportunities. You can use this plugin to create and run quizzes easily, collect visitors’ reviews, and increase their participation in the business. It is a responsive plugin. So, your surveys and quizzes are also available to mobile Internet users.

Kiwi Social Share

Social media optimization and marketing hold great importance for all leading business organizations. It allows them to promote their brand, products, and services on different social media channels, have a stronger presence on the web and generate more business opportunities. Use this plugin to add social sharing buttons to your business websites. It makes it easier for visitors to share useful content on different social platforms and groups and let you get more business opportunities. You can also use this plugin in SMO campaigns and generate more leads/sales every day.

Final thoughts

In today’s highly competitive business environment, entrepreneurs need to be quick and smart when they approach to customer & try to sell products/services.  They can use these plugins to have a leverage over their competitors, conduct different online business activities automatically, and generate more business opportunities every day. Best of Luck!

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