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With today’s online marketplace being extremely competitive, it can be hard finding creative means to come up with solid lead generation strategies. But, generating leads doesn’t have to be daunting or overly complicated. This is particularly true nowadays with an abundance of lead generation software and tools to help you generate leads for your company. Here are some simple strategies that can help you generate some leads that will ensure business success.

Correctly use your popups

Avoid serving popups as soon as someone lands on your website.  It makes you look like you are desperate, even more so if you are trying to close a deal that hasn’t even been discussed yet. Allow your visitors enough time to read through your articles or browse your shop before asking them to subscribe to your email list. The best way to go about it is to use an exit-intent popup which triggers as readers are about to leave your site.

Love them or hate them, email optins are an integral part of lead generation in the virtual landscape. You can use them to offer free content upgrades, free webinars or checklists. Giving visitors something for nothing that is closely related to the topic that led them to your website, does more for you than just asking them to buy your products or services as soon as they come.

Have actionable content

People who visit your site don’t want to be sold to by yet another company or entrepreneur. They want to be educated on a topic or find a solution to their most pressing problem. Offering your assistance is a better than trying to push it on them. Remember that making deals is an emotional endeavor. So, inspire your readers to take action and lead them through a sales funnel with a helping hand. They will thank you for it with their email addresses and sales after they have given you their trust.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog on your website allows you to have more actionable content and allows your visitors to get to know you and your brand. Not to mention it helps you rank better on search engine results, which translates into you becoming an authority figure in your chosen niche.

Optimize for Mobile Users

There are more mobile internet users worldwide than those who sit at a desk on their laptops or PCs and they aren’t just watching Netflix. Just being able to reach potential customers on their smartphones with emails or text messages is a huge leap from having to wait on them to get home and behind their computers. Targeting mobile users allows you to reach people during times that they would normally be inaccessible and is a proven way to boost your conversions.

Make sure your optin forms display properly on smaller screens and that the form field buttons can easily be filled out, without too much additional scrolling or pinching and zooming so they can see what the optin form says. Also make sure that the optin form can easily be closed on smaller screens so it doesn’t block the rest of your content once filled out.

Embrace the social media

Don’t be afraid of social media either. When done right, you can build some goldmine relationships. Constantly posting sales or advertisement based posts is counterproductive. There’s a well-known ideology that people and businesses shouldn’t come off as an attention seeker, and they should promote others before themselves. It’s known as the 80-20 rule. 80% of the time you should be focusing on promoting other thought provokers in your niche and then using the remaining 20% to focus on yourself.

Social media platforms are a great tool. And each platform has its own unique methods of generating leads. Facebook allows you not only to embed your email signup form on your business page, but you can also include a call to action directly below your cover photo. Twitter on the other hand allows the use of Lead Generation Cards which allow your followers to instantly sign up for your email list. Don’t forget that you can also pin a specific post to your profile which you can use to point your fans to a dedicated landing page on your website with an optin form.

Partner with non-competing businesses

You can always try and hook up with non-competing businesses to increase everyone’s reach. Even though they are not your direct competitors, it helps if they are in the industry that’s closely related to yours. This can include guest posting on their blog or overtaking each other’s social media accounts for a day.

Another successful strategy is to do a webinar together on a pressing industry trend and offering your products at the end of the webinar at a reduced rate or bundling them together in a package deal. Capturing email addresses should be done beforehand where you can promote access to the webinar in exchange for their email address.

Use a two-step optin

Consider replacing a traditional optin form with a two-step optin instead. The way a 2 step optin form works is by allowing you to turn any portion of the text in your blog post into a link that triggers a popup form when clicked. And since we all like to finish what we started, chances are your visitors will be more inclined to complete the form and give their email address in exchange for your optin incentive.

Make sure the offer is closely related to the article in question to ensure the best chances of converting visitors and readers into potential clients or customers. This could include additional content on the topic of the article, offering the article itself as a PDF (especially if it’s a longer one) or offering a checklist of the step outlined in the article itself.

Hold a Contest

Another great option is to hold a contest or giveaway. Who doesn’t like to feel that they are the next lucky winner of some prize? Due to the very nature of holding a contest, receiving email addresses is a must, which works in your favor because of the potential leads it creates. The prizes, however, would be all on you.

You can offer one of your services for free to one lucky winner or auction off your consultation to the person who wins the contest. You can also discount one or two of your products or give them away for free.

Final Thoughts

Generating new leads is not hard once you come up with a winning strategy. Use any of the tips outlined above or even a combination of a few of them to generate a consistent stream of new leads and take your business to the next level. What is your favorite method for generating fresh leads? Let us know in the comments below!

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