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Data is increasingly important in a wide range of business environments today. Many businesses are sifting through an incredible amount of data on a regular basis, but it can be difficult to understand and analyze that data in an intelligent and meaningful way.

Many people enjoy seeing a visual interpretation of the data, and this is where data visualization comes into play. Data visualization involves presenting the data in a graphical format, including using charts, graphs, tables and more. These are some of the more effective data visualization tools that your company could be used to maximize the benefit of data collection and analysis.

1. Dundas BI

Dundas BI is a leading data visualization software solution that can help you to quickly analyze your data in a graphical way. This program is highly interactive and customizable, which enables you to get the most benefit out of it.

For example, you can dynamically set your data analysis, and you can animate data transitions so that your analysis is easier to understand. Everything from the use of filters and color to layering and more can be applied to the graphics. You may think that you would pay a small fortune for the use of a program like Dundas BI, but the reality is that this program can be available to you for a subscription of $6 per user per month.

2. Domo

Domo is another excellent analytical software program to use. It works by allowing you to quickly and seamlessly blend data that has been gathered from multiple sources so that you can analyze it easily.

This program has excellent sharing capabilities and is designed to be rather intuitive for your users to learn how to use. The price is $2,000 per user per year.

3. Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft’s solution for business data analysis. This is a visualization program that can be used to actively gather data from multiple locations or sources within a very short period of time. As PowerBI is a product by Microsoft, you can very simply integrate it with Office 365, making it one the most all-round tools out there.

The data can then be analyzed based on your specific inputs, and you can customize impressive reports that help you to clearly convey the insight that the data provides to others.

There are multiple usage packages available for Power BI. You can use a light desktop version of the program for free. A share and collaborate version of the program that has a user-friendly dashboard is available for less than $10 per month per user.

4. Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is an excellent resource that can be scaled to meet your needs. User packages are available for personal and business use as well as for server-based and online capabilities. It allows you to easily gather and analyze data, and this includes data from any file type.

The online version is cloud-based, which enables easy sharing of data or collaboration of visualization graphics with others. The personal version of this program is available for $35 per user month, and you will be billed annually. Additional program versions are available at a higher cost.

5. Zoho Reports

Zoho Reports is most commonly viewed as a business analytics software program for smaller and mid-sized businesses, but it is an enterprise program that is powerful enough and customizable for large corporations to benefit from. The primary intent behind Zoho Reports is to create attractive, professional visual graphics of data analysis with minimum time and effort required.

The program itself is easy to learn how to use, and the wide range of features gives you the ability to easily create the perfect visuals for your needs. This program is available to you for a subscription price of $30 per user per month.

6. iDashboards

If you feel as though you spend more time preparing data visuals rather than on actually analyzing the data, iDashboards may be the solution that you are looking for. This program enables the fast and easy preparation of visuals through an easy-to-use dashboard feature.

Your database files, Excel spreadsheets and other documents can be uploaded and compiled together within seconds for analytical purposes. It also has intuitive drill-down features that add to the convenience and benefit. While there is a free trial of this program available, the ongoing subscription fee is $40 per user per month.

7. Looker

Looker is an advanced business intelligence program that is ideal for use in a large company or enterprise environment. It uses SQL-based data sources and blends these sources together.

Unlike the other programs listed here, Looker requires you to closely review and understand your data before you can customize graphics for visualization purposes. This program is available for a subscription of $3,000 per month for 10 users.


As important as data analysis and visualization are for companies of all sizes, you understandably may be looking for a streamlined way to complete your analytical and visualization tasks.

Each of these business intelligence programs has different benefits, and some are designed specifically for use in unique environments. When you spend time learning more about the business intelligence tools available, you can more easily analyze and use data effectively.

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