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Each business owner is aware of the importance of social media channels for marketing purpose. And, the first name appears in their mind is Facebook. They spend a lot of time to devise Facebook marketing plan. But, the result is beyond expectations. People did not take interest and the business owner attained a little engagement and traffic. Now, the first question comes in their mind what went wrong? Why did they not achieve the set target?

The best resolution to come out of this struggle is to adopt the smartest approaches. In this post, we will share useful tactics to achieve better organic reach in Facebook.

1. Focus On Less But Quality Content

Content is the lifeline of online world and Facebook is not an exception. Facebook loves smart work and smart people. Thus, your prime focus should be aimed at posting quality content. It is not necessary that you post each day, but make sure whatever you post is unique enough to bring followers.

2. Adopt Social Media Profile Optimization

We optimize content when we create posts for different search engines. Our prime aim is to implement all SEO techniques of on-page. Same is the story with social media profiles. By devising good optimization, we can enhance visibility of social media profiles. If it is your motto to earn stars in social media world, then work on these tactics for your social media profile:

  • Creation of a traceable link directing to your site
  • Simple to recall username
  • Easy to recognize brand logo/image
  • Descriptions that are natural and keyword-rich

Apply these factors at the time of posting. Your selection of keywords, images and call-to-action plays a crucial role for all social media channels.

3. Skip On-Peak Hours For Posting

Slow posting hours is the best time to post content on Facebook. At this time, fewer people share their content, so you are likely to gain chances of getting noticed. Typically, the most suitable hour of Facebook is around 3 pm. But, you must stick to one as time may differ according to the online timings of your fans.

Use the Facebook Insights to evaluate the logging time of your fans. Select the time when most of the fans are online and fewer competitors are there to share their content.

4. Share Evergreen Content

Stay away from posting the content that will perish soon. But, focus on something that will serve a good lifespan on social media giants like Facebook or Twitter. You can say that your domain is itself quite boring. Then, it is your task to find resolution for this. For this, you should go for something funny, unusual or education. The best mantra is to include shock, awe or humorous elements to keep customers attention for longer periods of time.

5. Keep Interacting With Your Followers

To attain social media reach using organic formula is not as easy as it seems. It takes lot of efforts and involvement from your end. You can achieve this by remaining available and replying the comments of your followers. This way you will build a good reputation and successfully spread it at wider scale. Make a bonding that keeps the followers interested in your posts.

6. Do More Than Organic Content

It is fruitful to use organic content, but try to do things beyond it. You should also reply on different platforms for Facebook including paid ads. Facebook is known as one of the largest paid advertisement channels. It means to say that you should adopt paid plans to ensure success of your Facebook marketing strategy. But, strike a balance between organic and paid. Without organic, your Facebook page will become boring and without paid campaigns, you will not attain desired results.

7. Visual Marketing Is a Key Player

Being a business owner of modern era, you are aware of the power of images on Facebook.

The value of Facebook posts with photos bring 2.5 times better engagement. Use visual marketing to share your story and impart your brand message. Now, it does not come as an option to share content with visual, but it is mandatory these days. So, marketers start learning ways of photo creation.


Follow these simple approaches to enhance organic social media reach. It revolves around quality content, user experience and good optimization. Just direct your social media optimization tactics like your SEO tactics, you will see the things in your favor.

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