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7 months ago when I first started doing informative videos on technology, I made a video called Apple Tablet PC (the video above) where I talked about how Apple should consider creating a Macbook Tablet computer. Noting that they already have the technology behind them with the iPhone and iPod Touch and a brand to build upon with the Macbook. These would most likely sell like hotcakes especially if targeted for college students. In addition, they would give companies such as HP and Dell a real run for their money in the tablet computing market – not to mention step on Microsoft’s toes as well.

Recently, rumors are starting to reappear talking about the so-called “Macbook Touch”. Good move? I think so.  Lately everything Apple has done turns to gold.  A smaller Macbook with tablet and touch screen abilities would be the next logical step for mobile computing by Apple.

I would love to see something Macbook Air like with a touch screen – perhaps a little bit more power though.  Market the college student and you will sell, sell, sell.

What do you think?  Would you buy a “Macbook Touch”?  Leave a comment!

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