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In this competition driven market, the search engine optimization has become essential to all businesses just as bathing and eating to humans. Many techniques are implemented to improve SEO for enabling the sites or blogs to be visible in the topmost searches for helping in harnessing the target audience.

Research by Statista reads that around 57% of the businesses chose on-page content as a strategy for enhancing search engine results. About 50% depend upon keyword research for robust optimization. Link building is determined by almost 46%of the entrepreneurs. Approximately 43% of the businesses concentrate on their website structure. Metadata and tags still hold up a score of around 34%.

There are several strategies which shall help improve your SEO brand marketing and help in reaching out to the target audience. Some of these are

Creation of channels about links which have a high probability

One of the SEO linking strategies is to build a custom search engine with the help of Google or Bing in such a way that there evolves a separate search list altogether for the related products or services the company may have. This is simple to achieve with the help of keywords and useful resources or URL links.

The creation of such channels helps in increasing the probability of reputed companies to appear more in the searches.

Copying the backlinks is not a bad idea after all

Moms may have taught their younger ones that copying or stealing is a bad thing. But copying backlinks of existing websites in the domain is considered legitimate for businesses. One can do this by first copying the URL link of the site and then go through its backlinks, which can be either guest posts or sources which have recurring backlinks. This is not illegal and helps in improving the referral value as well as the addition of fresh subscribers to the particular website.

Recycling broken links

Online link building can also be done through broken links available on the search engine by requesting the link owner to activate it as the same is not in use for them. This not only enables the recycling of broken links to establish new relationships but also helps in gaining the existing traction that the link had gathered before it was broken.

Building upon broken links is as good as achieving on new links.

Affiliate link prospects belonging to the mid-tier segment are easy to approach

Link building for content-oriented websites turns out to be much more comfortable than those who are profit oriented. For this very purpose, one can make use of modifiers for their content just like those low-level websites which provide product comparison with another competitor on their websites. These websites also ensure the sale of the specific product or the service to which others are being compared.

For achieving qualitative backlinks, creation of free tools turns effective

To build a campaign website, it is essential that there are a maximum number of subscribers to it. For ensuring a high reach towards the website or achieving backlinks, which are qualitative enough, developing a free tool pertaining to the nature of the website shall help in enhancing the search engine results for it.

For example: If an investment related website like develops a tool like wealth calculator, there is more likelihood of gaining qualitative traction.

Conversion into links pertaining to in-depth content helps blog boosting

The home page, despite having dynamic graphic designs, shall not gain as much traction as those pages consisting of specific content. It has been found that content which is more text-oriented helps to boost the blog than any other factor. It is hence suggested that those websites having a plaintive home page shall consider it was converting into a deep content link of the website. This encourages more subscriber encouragement for the site and helps the particular business grow efficiently.

Turning unused editorial anchors to work

Links and SEO go hand in hand for helping the former to be promoted among its target audience. One crucial point to be noted here is that not all editorial anchors in a particular website may turn active. Hence, the passive or unused anchors can be possibly used by other websites for optimizing their content through the search engine. Similarly, other sites can also draw a trail from this particular website that has put unused editorial anchors to work.


These strategies give a rough idea on how to link a particular business in such a way that it attracts the maximum audience and helps in contributing to the revenue of the company.

Also, a specific business or an entrepreneur can get link building ideas through the search engine I such a way that the website appears in the topmost searches.

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