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Thanks to the blistering pace of technological innovations, we’d have to wade through pile after pile of news about the latest gadgets before we can find what we and our family need the most: security gadgets.

To save you time and from confusion, we’ve selected a few of the new breed of security gadgets you really ought to know about.

Smart Locator

Most of the time, parents, especially new ones, stress over their kids’ safety. Other responsibilities, such as daily jobs, tend to keep them away from their kids who make any parent anxious. This worrying led to the development of wearable smart locators to help parents keep track of their children conveniently through their smartphones.

A smart locator gadget lets you know instantly where your kids are, anytime.
A smart locator gadget lets you know instantly where your kids are, anytime.

FiLIP, which functions as a locator and a wearable phone, is specifically made for parents who constantly worry about their kids. It offers up to 5 trusted contacts the kids can speed dial or receive calls from, and a smart locator synced to smartphones compatible with iOS 6 and Android 4.3 operating systems or higher. It also has an emergency button that automatically records background noises and updates location every minute, and a SafeZones system that notifies the parents when their kid goes out of their set SafeZones radius. All of these parent-friendly features for $149.99.

Smart Lock

The need for better home security systems and privacy paved the way for the creation of smart lock devices that lets you grant access to select people on select schedules.

Life before smart locks.
Life before smart locks.

For only $199, August Smart Lock removes the need for duplicate keys when you can allow customized access to your guests and family members and lets you determine who’s entering your home on specific dates and time. The Smart Lock also offers an auto-lock system that locks after you and unlocks when you’re approaching, a feature you can turn on or off anytime you want.

The partner app to the device, August App, is a free app that works on Android and iOS devices. It allows users to provide virtual keys, set access schedules, and view access logs.

Smart Switch

The advent of smart homes, a home concept that utilizes appliance interconnection, led to

smarter, more reliable ways to switch your electronic appliances on and of through your smartphone.

A good reason why you should never leave your appliances unplugged.
A good reason why you should never leave your appliances unplugged.

At $39.99, WeMo Switch offers you a way to turn your electronic devices on and off anytime, anywhere. The switch uses your Wi-Fi network to gain wireless control of your electronic devices. To use, you must plug the electronic device into the switch. Download WeMo’s free partner app, the WeMo app, on your mobile device that runs on Android 4.0 and iOS 5 or higher to complete the remote switch control.

You can set schedules, via your smartphone, when select devices should turn on and off. With WeMo Switch, you can now turn off appliances you left on without having to return home and even switch on the living room lights while you’re in the bedroom.

Smart Detector

The security of one’s home is not exclusive to warding off intruders, it includes the health of your home too, like water leaks and changes in humidity. This idea prompted the production of smart detectors that will keep your home and appliances intact.

Be on the lookout for leaks.
Be on the lookout for leaks.

WallyHome Water Leak Detection is a DIY installation that uses the existing copper wiring within the walls of your home to provide a sensor network that notifies you of water leaks and significant changes in humidity and temperature. Wally doesn’t use Bluetooth or Wi-fi, making it last 10 years without battery replacements.

Wally’s monitoring system is constant and non-intrusive, which effectively eliminates the need to weigh alarm monitoring pros and cons. The system will only alert you and other select users when there’s an issue that requires attention, securing yourself from water-related damages and problems, and unnecessary alerts. Wally also features animations that suggests where to best place the gadget for optimal leak, humidity, and temperature monitoring.

Smart Home Surveillance

When it comes to home surveillance, a lot of factors are at play. It should be easy to use, reliable enough to avoid problems brought by false alarms, offers seamless 24/7 monitoring, holistic video reviews, instant alert of motion activity, and user-controlled sirens. These factors brought smart home surveillance into fruition.

Always have a bird’s eye view on your home.
Always have a bird’s eye view on your home.

At $199, Canary offers a comprehensive surveillance system you can rely on. Canary features real-time video streaming of your home with 1080p high-definition quality coupled with high-quality audio. Canary will send an alert and the recorded video the instant it detects any motion activity. A 24/7 surveillance is easy due to Canary’s automatic infrared LEDs that allows you to monitor even when it’s dark.

It’s easy to use, too: just download the iPhone or Android app and your home surveillance is already up and running. You can also view videos recorded by Canary for the past 30 days. Canary completes the package with its built-in 90-decibel siren you can control remotely.

Smart Padlock

Smart padlocks are developed to offer better security over its non-digital counterpart. It offers access efficiency with its keyless features, easy tracking, and complete control—things anybody wants when it comes to a device that secures their belongings.

Smart padlocks offer better security.
Smart padlocks offer better security.

Noke offers reliable security to items that needs padlocks at only $69.99. Noke makes padlock access easy by automatically finding and connecting to your smartphone when its Bluetooth 4.0 is enabled. Getting your item is fast, simple, and easy. No need to get your phone out of your pocket to unlock.

The Noke App let’s you manage multiple locks, from naming it and selecting user access to providing tailored settings for each Noke. The app’s history tab lets you monitor when and where your lock was accessed and by whom.

Armed with knowledge of the new breed of security gadgets and their helpful features, you can now feel more secured wherever you go and whatever you do when you have these new security gadgets in tow.

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