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Technology trends can start a long discussion among people. From predictions to technological standards to transformations in the digital world, here are the major trends in the technology world this year:

5G networks

Spain has already announced the 5G Plan, which started in 2018. Execution may be delayed till 2020 but some smartphones are ready for 5G, reaching 10 GB of speed per second. By 2024, it is estimated that 5G mobile technology could reach over 40% of users across the globe.


This technology is no longer limited to cryptocurrencies, proving its worth in different other areas. This year, blockchain projects are expected to reach insurance and banking. Even in real estate loans, blockchain has become a significant topic. For instance, when it comes to a home equity loan, property ID, smart contracts, and creditworthiness can make this technology a significant part of the process. Plus, it may even be a method to reduce costs and the entire implementation time for mortgage application and payments.

Artificial intelligence

For quite some time now, this particular trend has been in the lineup. However, experts believe that 2019 is the year when AI will finally take off. In fact, even politics has included this topic, specifically the European Commission. The group instructed that the members should define a strategy that addresses artificial intelligence by the middle of the year.

Digital twins

If you have not heard about digital twins yet, this term is a virtual replica of an entity from the real world. Its application will be mostly seen on sensors, which will be connected to endpoints by the next year. Digital twins will be included in the implementation of these sensors because they will make behavior monitor much easier.

The process begins with the implementation of the digital twins, which are, in essence, copies of a true system. Later on, they will be improved and developed over time. The modifications will help enhance their ability to visualize and organize the correct type of data. Additionally, they will assist in making more improvements while responding to the objectives of the business.

Immersive experience

A current trend in the digital world involves chatbots. They are slowly integrated into many business platforms to ensure that customers get the assistance they need even during off hours. Chatbots are a big part of customer service these days. They are added to websites and messaging apps, so clients feel that the company can address their concerns anytime.

Aside from chatbots, there are other immersive experiences found in smart spaces. Virtual and augmented realities are two popular examples. Another is mixed reality, which may be combined with the other two. If successful, the combination can lead to a dramatic change when it comes to people’s perception of the world.

Enhanced edge computing

This trend is mostly related to the Internet of Things (IoT). Edge computing consists of positioning points between objects that are connected to one another. These intermediate points allow the processing of data, which further facilitates the tasks performed to where data came from.

These trends are just the beginning of the potential of technology. It is exciting to know that more discoveries are on the way to make the world a better and more convenient place.

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