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It is crucial in today’s competitive business environment to understand the needs of your clients and be able to effectively develop a presentation that addresses those needs. Superior presentation skills are hard to come by these days, yet possessing them can give you a competitive advantage and allow you to develop a stronger relationship with clients compared to the competition.

The key objective of a great presentation is audience interest and engagement. Presenters must be aware of their audience and adapt to them according to the real-time feedback they receive. If the audience is involved in the presentation, such as asking and answering questions and not distracted by something else, that is a clear indicator that they are listening. An interesting and engaging presentation can earn you more clients while a boring presentation will do just the opposite; therefore it is important to create a stimulating environment that encourages audience participation.

There are various cloud based video conferencing companies that offer a host of features, one being Blue Jeans Network, which offers a guide on how video conferencing can increase the likelihood of winning more clients. If you think your presentation is lacking, worry not, there are several things you can do to spice it up and earn the attention of your client:


In an online presentation, demos can add value and substance to your presentation that will captivate your clients’ attention and clearly convey your message. One simple method is desktop sharing, which allows you to share your screen so that your client to see exactly what you see in real time. Demonstrations can include prototypes or diagrammatic representations that can preview the flow of your work. Providing demonstrations can help your clients better understand and interpret what you intend to deliver to them and allows them to envision how your product or service fits their needs.

Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming sessions are another great way to get clients involved in the presentation and can be carried out online in the chat rooms. Many clients like to be involved in projects, so their contributions through brainstorming sessions give them a platform to provide feedback and remain involved, which enhances the client’s interest on a sustained basis. Brainstorming sessions are beneficial to all parties involved because more ideas are produced and it helps the host to understand the needs of the client more effectively.

Using Visuals

Visuals can be a great way to clarify an idea or add interest to a presentation, as long as they are used with discretion. An abundance of visual aids can result in client distraction or confusion, which can detract from the overall presentation. Listening to a presenter read data or information in a monotonous tone without providing a visual aid can put clients to sleep. Proper use of visuals has been proven to trigger the mind of the one perceiving it. Charts, graphs, and images that summarize or clarify information can stimulate the minds of the clients and even generate participation. Representing your data or information visually can help the client dramatically by establishing connection between the varying concepts. Combining data with simple, eye-catching graphics will enhance the overall quality of your presentation and make it easier to understand.


Using polls to gather feedback and suggestions from the client throughout the presentation can help improve your process, which could eventually gain more clients. Although it may seem that the polling method is only beneficial to the presenter, this is not true; rather it is a beneficial method for both the host and the client.

Blue Jeans Network has incorporated polling into their web conferencing and has experienced great results. Collecting constant feedback during an online presentation gives the presenter a better handle on the views and suggestions of the client and allows them to adapt the presentation to incorporate the needs of the client. This method helps the presenter make sound decisions to impress his or her clients.

Audience Participation

Audience participation is the key to winning more clients and customers easily. Clients are always willing to interact and put up their respective views. Giving clients a chance to contribute suggestions and be involved in the presentation makes them feel like they have some authority over the work being discussed. Participation can include comments, reviews, or questions. You can request clients to submit questions in a written format or verbally throughout the presentation to make it more interactive.

The strongest asset a business has is its clients and customers. If you fail to impress them, then your business may fail; therefore, it is essential to follow these useful tips and pay close attention to the content and execution of all presentations.

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