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What makes both the mobile and online gaming market so appealing to players, especially new gamers, is the fact that so many great titles are available for free. Instead of forking out a sizable fee for a video game, it’s refreshing to find a plethora of fabulous titles that can be enjoyed at no cost. Whether it’s the latest phenomenon to take over the world or even classic retro titles reinvented for us to play on our PC’s or mobile devices, the range is immense. So, next time you think about spending your hard earned dollars on a game, try out the best the web has to offer first.


Even when you acknowledge that this haunting figure is simply a work of fiction, it does little to ease the nerves when you immerse yourself in the world of the Slender Man. Parsec Productions’ disturbing little online game requires you to walk around the woods searching for a number of manuscripts while trying to avoid the fabled spook who creeps up on you at the most unexpected moments.


This wonderful flash game has been around for years now and its most recent incarnation comes in the form of an action packed mobile-based effort. Yeti Sports features an array of captivating sporting games, each of which put you in the driving seat as a larger than life Yeti. You can chuck penguins to your heart’s content, bounce seals up a wall, use flamingos as a golf club and even sit back and lap up the waves.


Armor Games’ Rebuild 2 is an enjoyable strategy follow-up that involves players attempting to reclaim a city that has found itself in the midst of a post-apocalyptic zombie takeover. Unlike other zombie-based titles this gaming experience is about much more than just frantically running around killing the undead or planting shrubs and vegetables to keep them at bay. Rebuild 2 is all about what comes after and how best to protect the survivors. It’s deep, thoughtful, and promises endless hours of post-apocalyptic deliberation.



Tetris is the archetype for a simplistic yet truly addictive game. Having been around for more than 30 years, everyone’s favourite shape-based classic has been adapted across most major platforms in recent times and its popularity continues to soar. Various shaped blocks drop from the top willing the player to rotate and slide each piece into place in order to create lines that then subsequently disappear. For most, it’s the king of all puzzle games.


Once the renowned pastime for the older generation, the UK’s most famous gaming export is witnessing a resurgence and attracting a wave of new fans, mainly owing to the plethora of bingo sites that are now available on the web- most of which are free to enjoy. Robin hood bingo is one version that seems to have gone down well with number lovers. Pick up your virtual stamper and dab away the numbers on your card as the balls are called out by Robin Hood and his merry men.

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