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It is always an exciting time when starting a new business but it can also be a frightening time as well. Unless your company is able to see a profit within a relatively short period of time, you might never really get off the ground. Since most startups find it necessary to compete with established businesses within their markets, they need to find a way to gain exposure so that they are in a healthy position to go up against better known companies. Here are the top 5 strategies to gain exposure as a startup. These are not listed in any particular order but each falls nicely within the top five so they bear mentioning.

1. Develop Relationships with Journalists

startup-exposureOne tried and true way to gain exposure as a startup in your local market is by developing relationships with journalists.  While press releases used to be a popular way of announcing your business news, so many businesses make use of this tactic that it’s easy for your press release to get lost amongst everyone else’s.  Instead, take the time to build relationships with journalists both in your industry and your local area.  This way, you will gain exposure and will get your name out in front of the people who matter.

2. Networking Events in Local Area

B2B startups find that attending local networking events is a great way to meet other professionals in their industry or a related field. When dealing with other professionals it is vital that you get your foot in as many doors as possible as this is how you are likely to find the biggest audience to engage with. Yes, online adverts and networking sites are great and you will surely want to join at least 2 or 3 networks, but there is nothing quite like going face to face with prospects.

3. Search Engine Marketing

One thing to be aware of is that not all search engine marketing was created equal. Today’s consumer and business professional spends more time searching from a mobile device than from a desktop computer so an emphasis on mobile searches needs to be employed. This means that the site itself must be responsive and the terms you want to rank for as a startup should, for the most part, be abbreviated. Mobile searchers aren’t apt to type in long phrases so search engine marketing, SEM, for mobile phones takes a special talent and focus on how mobile users search.

4. Local Trade Events & Conferences

If you are a startup looking for marketing strategies that will be highly targeted to your audience, the best place to find large numbers of people all in one place and potentially interested in your products or services is at a trade event or conference. In order to grab attention, it is suggested that you set up a table or booth designed especially for your trade by an exhibition stand design provider so as to highlight a professional appearance but with a focus on your industry or niche.

5. Social Media

Rounding out the top five strategies to gain exposure as a startup is social media. Network online through social sites like LinkedIn and build a following of peers in the same or related industries. Whether you are a B2B startup or simply looking for leads within your field, you are likely to build a greater network if you can be seen as a real person. Your social profile will help your audience see you as a face behind the brand and that’s what it takes to build momentum when starting out.

As a new company, it is important that you put your best face forward when building a following of prospective customers. Whether through a bespoke stand at a local conference or a targeted SEM campaign, the key is to go all out. You may only be given one opportunity to introduce your new company so give it your very best shot.

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