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The phrase “there’s an app for that” is taken quite literally in the world we know today. Thousands of apps are available for everything from entertainment to productivity. Getting your app in the spotlight takes some work. To get there, there are some features you unquestionably include before your app launches to the public.

Navigation Menu

How many apps have you seen that don’t have some type menu? Probably not very many. An easy-to-use menu is crucial to help users navigate the features of an app. A lousy menu display can keep some cool features hidden, and the best menus can enhance users’ ability to use the app to its fullest potential with ease.

There are several different ways to incorporate a menu into your app that makes the user experience enjoyable and effortless. Research the different menu options before deciding where and how to include it.

Quick In-App Tutorial

With an in-app tutorial, you’ll provide your users with a quick explanation of the app’s features. Rather than stumble around in a new app for minutes, hours, days, or a month, the best tutorials can make users productive in less than a minute. An excellent question to start developing the tutorial is: “What are the most important parts of this app that users need to know about?”

At the very least, your tutorial should include a walkthrough of the menu, primary functions, where to search within the app, and the communications area if your app has one. The walkthrough doesn’t have to cover every single feature that’s offered.

Instant Communication and Push Notifications

Whether users are messaging customer service or each other, it is essential to offer instant communication and receive notifications as soon as possible. It’s almost expected to be able to send a message directly from an app without being taken to another email or message app. Depending on the purpose of the communication you’re hosting in your app, it is wise to include an option to turn those notifications off if the user desires to.

For example, in apps like the Special Guest App, the talent will likely want to know immediately when someone is interested in booking them, and those wishing to book talent will want to know as soon as possible if the talent is available. Without instant communication and notification enabled, the possibility of disgruntled users will be higher.

Accessible on Multiple Devices

In the digital world, some users have several devices they use to access the same content. It’s not uncommon for someone to switch between a cell phone, tablet, and computer to view what your app has to offer. One feature that is crucial to keep all users with multiple devices happy is the ability for the app to adjust to each device.

Despite varying screen sizes, and it is possible for all devices to provide the same experience. On the backend, make sure your app can identify which device is being used so the proper specs can populate the user’s screen.

Loyalty Programs

No app is complete without a loyalty program. A loyalty program is more than just a benefit to your customers.  By adding a digital punch card to your app, you turn your app into a marketing tool. The mere presence of a loyalty program is what will entice users to download your app.

Now, with your app parked on their home screen, you have a direct line of communication with potential customers.  You can quickly send out your push notes to alert them of sales, bonus offers, or new product launches.


A lot of thought and research goes into creating your app.  But, the bottom line is there are a few essential features that your app must have.  With a robust loyalty program, push notification capabilities, and an easy to navigate interface, your app will be well on its way to home screens across cyberspace.

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