We’ve been waiting for news about the PlayStation 5 for a very long time now. We all know it’s coming – and we have a rough idea of when – but aside from that, we know very little about it. Contrast Sony’s situation with that of Microsoft, who is telling anybody who wants to listen about the qualities and capabilities of the new Xbox Series X, and their stance seems a little odd. Perhaps there’s been trouble with the console’s development – or perhaps they just want to take the gaming world by surprise when they’re finally ready to launch.

While we don’t have much in the way of definite detail about the new console, we can give you all the rumors you could ever hope to hear about the PS5 – so if you were looking for some, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Some of these rumors are more likely to stack up than others, and some are better-sourced than others, so consider this to be a collection of both probable and possible when it comes to what we might see from Sony’s latest and greatest work

Whatever Sony comes up with, they’re going to face pressure like they’ve never experienced before. Not only do they have to worry about the new Xbox, but they also have to worry about Google Stadia, which offers gamers access to multiple games via a single portal, just like a new slots site offers its attractions to players by storing hundreds of games in the same place. Nvidia’s GeForce now also offers that very same online slots casino experience to players, too. The principle behind online slots websites is that you pay your money and take your choice from the range of attractions on offer, and Sony has their work cut out to make sure that they’re more attractive than anyone else when it comes to persuading gamers to spend their money at the end of 2020. Let’s look at how they’re (possibly) going to do it.

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It’s going to cost $500

This is a rumor that we really hope isn’t true. Historically, a brand-new PlayStation gaming console has cost between two hundred and four hundred dollars. We appreciate that the cost of everything goes up over time, but if the PlayStation 5 really does hit the shelves with a five hundred dollar price tag, as has been rumored, then a line will have been crossed. One of the best things about the PlayStation is that it was always a little cheaper than the Xbox. We expect the Xbox to come in at around the same price. If Sony creates a level playing field with their biggest rivals when it comes to cost, they might just live to regret it.

It will be backwards compatible

We already know that all PS4 games will be playable on the PS5 – that’s one of the very few details we know for sure about the console. Apparently, that’s been easy for Sony to implement because the PS5 is ‘based on the architecture’ of the PS4. That alone has some gamers worried about the spec of the new machine (more on that in a moment). The big rumor, though, is that the new console will allow players to play any and every old PlayStation game, going all the way back to the PlayStation 1. This is a feature that’s been rumored for every new PlayStation since the PS2 but never appears. There might be more weight to the idea this time, though, with talk of a ‘Compatibility Engine’ being built at Sony. It might finally be time to get those dusty old 1990s games down from the attic.

It will support 8K gaming

Have you walked through electronics store’s recently and seen an 8K television and wondered why anyone would buy one? After all, virtually nobody broadcasts in 8K, nobody streams in 8K, and gaming doesn’t happen in 8K. At least one of those things is about to change, though. Several sources indicate that the PS5 will make use of AMD SmartShift to support 8K gaming – and that’s only one of several impressive technical features. Depending on who you listen to in the gaming world, it’s possible that we might also see 3D audio, SSD storage, and an 8-core AMD chipset coupled with Navi GPU. This is going to be a seriously powerful piece of kit. It might not be quite as technically advanced as the Xbox Series X – traditionally, Microsoft’s machines have always been a little more powerful – but the difference won’t be so great that you can see or feel it when you’re playing games.

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Haptic feedback is here

The controller for the PlayStation 5 will probably look and feel very similar to the controller for the PlayStation 4. There hasn’t really been a substantial change in the way that PlayStation controllers have been designed in the past twenty years, other than the addition of speakers and rumble pads. Now, the time of rumbling is over. Haptic feedback is here, and it’s going to change the way we think about gaming.

Haptic feedback, coupled with adaptive triggers, will allow you to feel a game almost as if you were touching the objects on screen yourself. When you’re playing a racing game, you’ll feel the surface of the road beneath the car and feel the full force of gravity as you hurtle around corners. Games will be more physical than they’ve ever been at any point in the past. In fact, this could be the single biggest leap forward that next-gen consoles bring us. We’ll no longer be talking about what the latest games look and sound like – we’ll be talking about how they feel in their hands. It’s like gaming just got three-dimensional.

You’ll note that we haven’t mentioned any games in this article, and that’s because we don’t have anything to tell you. We might see a PS5-specific version of ‘The Last Of Us.’ We might get the long-overdue ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ as a PS5 exclusive. At some point, a new ‘God of War’ game is bound to turn up, and ‘Assassin’s Creed’ is also inevitable. Whether any of those titles will be available at launch is another matter. The situation with the games – along with the situation with the launch of the console in general – will hopefully become much clearer in the coming months. Until then, speculation is all we have – and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this speculation today!

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