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Have you ever watched a James Bond film with deep envy of all his gizmos and gadgets? Bond always seems to be one step ahead of his foes, and the toys he pulls out at the right time play a large part. Even a decade or two ago, tech like the kind Bond uses seemed out of reach for the everyday Joe or Jane, but these days, just about anyone can gear up and become a super secret agent.

We’ve located a few pieces of tech that will let you live out your spy fantasy. Just be careful about taking things a bit too far — her Majesty won’t protect you from the law here.

GPS Vehicle Tracker

Some cars already come with built-in GPS tracking capabilities, which come in handy when you’re leaving a large event and have no idea where you parked. But if you have an older car that lacks smart features, a GPS vehicle tracker can definitely come in handy. Another use? Knowing where those darn kids are when they aren’t answering their phones. Of course, you could use it for more nefarious means. But you wouldn’t do that, would you?

Screw Hidden Camera

A camera so small that it fits into a screw — does something like that exist? The answer is yes, and for just under $20, you can pick one up. These are great for less obvious alternatives to a Ring doorbell, or for those who own a business and want to keep security cameras installed without drawing a lot of attention to them. Many a burglar has been caught by a hidden camera because they thought no camera existed at all. If you’d rather catch someone in the act instead of deterring them with a big hulking camera orb on the ceiling, this is the product for you.

iPhone Tracking Software

Are you someone who lives in constant fear of having your iPhone stolen? There are all sorts of built-in security features provided by Apple these days, but if you’re not content with Find My iPhone and instead want to give a thief just enough rope to hang themselves, you can install an iPhone tracker that tracks GPS, monitors messaging apps, and more. If all goes to plan, your phone burglar will reveal more about themselves through the use of your phone than Find My iPhone ever would. Just please, resist the urge to spy on your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse using one of these. It could land you in hot water.

Do you have some favorite spy gadgets of your own to share? Drop them in the comments below.

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