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I want to share with you how I was able to have a $71K cash month + $141K launch with ease. I used 3 different marketing strategies to help me reach my income goal. I’ve also used these same marketing strategies to make multiple 6 figures with my online business.

1. Strategic Free Challenges

People love free, but a great way to ensure that people aren’t just blindly signing up freebies is to create a challenge instead. Challenges often build trust with your audience because those who actually implement your teachings are the ones that convert.

In the past I’ve compared a strategic free challenge to a HIIT workout or an Orange Theory Fitness workout. In those kinds of workouts, they say you burn calories after your workout ends, not during. The same is true for a free challenge: even months after your launch is over, your new audience members are following you closely because they’ve built trust with them. Trust is key with online relationships.

A basic premise of a free challenge can be that for a certain amount of days, you teach your audience something specific that will lead naturally and nicely into your program launch. You are challenging them during this time by giving them homework, lessons, accountability, community, and supercharging their results in those handful of days. 

Keep these two things mind:

  1. You want to get them quick wins in that handful of days. Your audience needs to be able to see some kind of progress as they are participating. Progress could be as simple as clarity, which is huge for small business owners. The point is that you’re helping your audience, and they see a result from your help.
  2. You want to give them enough to get excited but not the whole thing. You need to leave them wanting more, however, all of your content needs to contain value.

When done right, free challenges can be very lucrative and lead to a lot of new engagement. For example, one of my clients recently had over 100 people join her membership program in 5 days through using a free challenge. Another had a $17K+ launch in just one week after her free challenge. Your results will be varied depending on what it is that you’re looking sell.

2. Strategic Free Masterclass/Workshops

A free masterclass is like a free challenge condensed into one jam packed hour. Like the free challenge, you’re building trust with your audience because you’re giving them so much value in that hour–value that you would usually charge for. You should teach them something that they can get a quick win, but that also naturally leads into your program and offer.

Throughout the masterclass you should be sure to have lots of testimonials, and how the case studies achieved their results using your XYZ Method. Just keep in mind that value is imperative. If your audience feels like they’ve been scammed into an infomercial of your offerings, then you’ve completely lost their trust and their following.

3. IG Story Mini Trainings

Many people are afraid to hop in front of a camera, but it really is a very quick way to get results. This strategy is very easy and can be fun once you get the hang of being in front of a camera. Start with a mini training series taking place in your Instagram Stories over a few days, or even a week. Use a few minutes a day to teach your audience something that correlates with your program launch.

For example, say you’re launching a program that teaches women how to write a resume that will land them the job of their dreams. Your free IG story mini training can be called “3 Ways to Rock Your Resume and Land Your Dream Job.”

Then, for those three days you go over three specific ways they can do this, giving them just enough advice or tips to have some results, but leaving out the template or main tactic that would take place in your program. The key with having a successful IG story mini training series is to repurpose like crazy. You can use this to also carve out upcoming content for yourself.

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