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No matter what phase your business is in, your website is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. Not only is it the conduit for much of your business, but it will impress upon investors, partners, and other businesses that you are the real deal. An unprofessional website, or one that is slow and glitchy, can cause irreparable damage to your reputation.

In order to launch a professional and effective website, you need to take care of a few basics. Make sure you have the following three factors in place.

1. Great Web Hosting

Many businesses make the mistake of choosing the first web hosting they come across, or going with a provider they may be using for something else. They don’t put much thought into what hosting they use, and pay for it later. Bad web hosting can make your site unreliable. It can lead to lost business and a bad reputation.

There are a number of choices you will have to make, such as whether to use cloud hosting, VPS hosting, or a combination of cloud VPS hosting. The choice of which host you use is also going to make a big difference. All hosting services experience issues and downtime. But some respond to it by being transparent while helping out as much as possible, while others do the exact opposite.

2. A Web Developer

There are plenty of online tools to help you create an attractive, effective website. You can, technically, do it yourself. Some business owners expect to do all the work on their own websites, as they want the control. However, it’s probably not what you should be focusing on. It will take up a lot of time that you could use on running your business.

This is just one of the reasons you should hire a professional web developer. They will be able to do in one day what will take you weeks. And, in all likelihood, they’ll do it better. Good web developers are not only great at coding, but also know what a website needs in order to be effective for your business.

3. A Professional Writer

Similarly, you could write all the copy and content yourself. You are able to write, after all. However, you simply do not have the skills to write effective copy. Again, this is something you can learn. But you’ll spend weeks getting to grips with it, and a professional will just do it better.

When it comes to content, the same is true. Ideally, you know more about your industry than any writer you can hire. However, you can work with them, making all the information available, and let them create engaging, persuasive content. You should definitely hire someone who writes particularly in your niche, so that they don’t spend all their time researching the basics. And you should not skimp on this service either.

Ultimately, creating an effective business website is going to be crucial to your marketing strategy and reputation. Make sure to put all the necessary care into the basics.

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