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Welcome to Bits & Bytes episode 2! This week (January 4, 2015) I was joined by Shawn Farner, senior writer for BestTechie, and all-around awesome dude. We discussed a whole bunch of interesting stuff, ranging from the big tech trends of 2o14 (and what we’re looking forward to this year in 2015), to talking about how we each discover content online, and how podcasts have made huge comeback in this past year.

Take a listen! Of course, you can leave feedback here in the comments or tweet at me on Twitter. And don’t forget to subscribe to Bits & Bytes on iTunes!

Episode 2 Show Notes

Ten Ways The World Changed In 2014

In an article on TechCrunch by David Hirsch, an investor, he wrote about 10 ways the world changed in 2014. We focused on these 5:

– We Went From People Searching For Things To Things Finding People & Personalization Became Universal

– The Smartphone Became A Remote For The Real World

– Virtual Reality Became More Than Just A Gaming Platform

– We Learned That The Next Smart Devices Won’t Be Phones

How do you discover content?

– Do you rely mostly on Twitter/Facebook?

– Do you still use RSS feeds?

– How about subscribing to newsletters?

– Do you frequent any sites regularly and scan through them?

Podcasts have come full circle

– Umano is like articles on tape, well, minus the tape part — it’s audio articles, read by real people. Here’s the BestTechie Umano page and a direct link to the article I mentioned in the podcast.

– Is Podcamp still around?

– Have you checked out Serial?

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