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Are you not getting kind of results you want from your SEO campaign? Are you still wondering as to why others are getting high rankings while you are still stuck on page two? Well, that might simply be because you are failing at SEO and you are expecting the results too quickly.

With technology on the rise, SEO has now also started to evolve. Some of its core principles might stick around for a long time while some of them tend to change every now and then. This might be one of the reasons as to why your SEO strategies aren’t working to get you your desired results.

So, let me tell you 20 SEO strategies that will not work anymore for anyone who wants to get high rankings. When working on improving your SEO it’s important to keep in mind that you need to have patience as if you are planting seeds in the ground. The results will take some time to appear but when they do you can finally reap the benefits.

Strategy #1:  Forcing Keyword-Centric Titles

People who ought to force their targeted keywords into the title of the content has now gone from compulsory to pointless.

Now, the most appropriate approach to go about is that you need to focus more on the title that uses strong wordings, personifies the value held within the content, and tends to lean on fun devices whenever possible.

Strategy #2:  Using Too Meta Many Keywords

Did you know that going too heavy on the Meta Keywords ought to let the other brands know exactly what you plan to execute? And you would never want that.

Trust me, you are way better off using such tools in a sound strategically and measured manner.

Strategy #3:  Getting More Links To Rank High

We all know that in the past, building more and more links without analyzing the linking domain was thought to be one of the best ways that SEO worked. Indeed websites did rank higher.

However, building links for websites are still considered to be an imperative part of the ranking factor, but now, you need to build the links in a much different manner than you used too. You might need to focus more on the quality on the link instead of quantity.

Strategy #4:  Keyword Stuffing

The Keyword stuffing is no longer applicable to the best SEO ranking practices. As a matter of fact, using too many keywords in your content will eventually get you dinged by the SERPs.

C’mon, using too many keywords in your content doesn’t even look good. Even if the piece of content is a blog post or social media marketing post, too many keywords will make the content look sloppy.

Strategy #5: Fake Reviews

Many of you might have seen that Google reviews for small startups have been written by friends, family members, or are paid reviews. Sometimes, these reviews are not very easy for the customers to find out about or your competitor might have found them and could report them.

So, it is really not a good idea to pay the customers to leave reviews. You need to stop incentivizing your customers by giving discounts or free products in exchange for good reviews.

Strategy #6: Snippet Spams

You might be thinking about what are rich snippets? Well, they are an additional piece of information that you see when you search for anything on the search engines.

Some people usually try to game review snippets by creating landing pages and placing fake reviews of their products and services. But before you try to opt this practice, let me tell you that Google has now become a lot more efficient at detecting such spams.

Strategy #7: Building More Pages To Get More Traffic

Most of the people out there still have the notion that by creating more landing pages, they will be able to get more traffic on their websites.

Well, likewise link building and generating more content just to fill the pages will not help you in any way. You need to stop focusing more on the quantity of content and start to focus more on the quality.

If you do not have good quality content, you can rest assured that you will not rank well in any case, and the pages you have created will not help your cause at all.

Strategy #8: Guest Posts At A Larger Scale

People are still not familiar with the fact that guest post blogging has changed immensely and now it is imperative that you get one or more guest post on relevant and high authoritative websites.

Guest post blogging on a smaller scale can turn out to be beneficial as well, only if you do it the right way. That is the ETHICAL way.

Strategy #9: Wasting Time to Include Images In Your Content

Did you know that search engines cannot see images on the websites? But still, you need to make sure that you give the images an Alt text and relevant file name so that Google knows what the image is about.

When you opt not to create Alt text for images, you should be ready to lose a huge opportunity to be visible online.

Strategy #10: You Rely On Automation

Automated content generation is maybe the most notable relic of a past SEO time. What once remained as a mainstream of numerous compelling efforts presently serves just as a warning to business brands and online marketers.

If you turn or generally produce trash content, don’t be amazed when Google, Bing and other web indexes penalize you with a dose of ranking penalties.

Strategy #11: Pointless Press Releases

You need to know that press releases are one of the most powerful tools for leveraging the formal side of content writing and SEO.

However, nowadays, the web is littered with press releases that have devoid of news. So, you should before posting press releases, make sure that the content is full of information and warranted in order for them to generate search ranking value.

Strategy #12:  Stop Using Exact Keywords

Some time ago pinpointing exact and phrases were considered to be the best method to raise the search engine ranking.

Whereas nowadays, delivering high-valued content or series of keywords ideas is the most ideal way to approach good SEO.

Strategy #13: Using Keyword Rich Content For Better Ranking

We get it, it is important that you should write your content with your focused keywords, but you need to keep in mind that Google now uses LSI (latent semantic Indexing) and it has become more prominent within the search.

So, now you do not have to worry about placing your keywords word-for-word in the content. You should focus more on writing the content for the user. Engage their interest by using synonyms and related terms. 

Strategy #14: You Only Focus On The Links And Content

Consider it this way, the more prevalent your site is social, the more people you will attract to it. The more people online see it, you are bound to get more backlinks and traffic. Also, social media is an incredible way to deliver content and get the footing you are searching for.

Strategy #15: Gaming The SEO System Via H1 Tags

The essence of this dated practice is that overusing consolidating this featured designation was a prime way to exploit search ranking algorithms.

In any case, with a constant flow of updates and changes, the factors that decide results never again erroneously compensate this sort of vague strategy. 

Strategy #16:  Super Short Content

Are you planning of creating content under the 300-word benchmark? While these ultra-short content contribution once held a spot ineffective SEO campaigns.

Now, the present content marketers have vastly improved off playing by Google search engines rules and are generating longer content.

Strategy #17:  Emphasizing On The Bigger Picture Rather Than Local SEO

It was a common practice to assume that SEO did not bear on local search results or local audience.

Alas, the marketers who do not tailor content toward the local community end up chipping a big chunk of the table with regards to great impact.

Strategy #18: Ranking High To Get More Traffic

There is a major misconception that higher rankings mean more traffic on the website.

The facts confirm that people will see the post, however, it doesn’t mean you will get more click-through. 

Strategy #19: Content Spinning

Although it is considered to be a Black hat SEO, numerous of the SEO marketers use this method to put out the content and it’s not in any way ethical.  

What’s the solution? Make sure that you write the content on your own or get it written by real people.

Strategy #20: Paid Links

In spite of the fact that paid links been around for quite a while, Google has turned out to be smarter. These links are currently more effectively recognized, and the penalties can be very extreme.

Rather than purchasing links from forums, freelance, and markets that advertise them, try to concentrate your attempt on the quality of content rather than the quantity.

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