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As a kid, your parents have been helping you handle most of your responsibilities. For instance, waking you up in the morning, taking you to school, checking to ensure you have done your homework and help you budget your money. But, as you grow, you realize that you have to do most of these things on your own. They will not be around you all the time as they expect you to be responsible for your actions. So, you need to ensure that you complete your to do list and avoid procrastination.

While in college, you may realize that the number of tasks and assignments keep on increasing. Your lecturer or instructor expects you to finish them before the deadline approaches. You begin to worry about how you will complete all these assignments with the short deadlines. You need not pressurize yourself with multitasking or staying up till late to finish your assignments.

There are various study apps for students you can use to organize yourself and find a way to complete the tasks. Also sometimes you need to look at free essay samples, which you can find at These apps and sources are beneficial in that they help you plan your schedule, take down better notes and organize a big project. Some of the best apps for university students you need to have are below.

Essay Zoo

This is an online planner for students who are unable or do not know how to write their essays. can help you write your essay and submit it before the deadline approaches. You need to place an order and you will have it sooner than you expect.


  • It has a team of professional essay writers who can handle any assignment irrespective of the academic field.
  • It charges fair prices on the orders students place.

Office Lens

Office Lens is one of the essential planner apps for college students from Microsoft. It takes pictures of whiteboards, documents, magazines, blackboards and receipts. It then changes or alters them to text you can edit and share with other students.


  • You can take pictures at any angle.
  • It cleans up glare and shadows.


  • It is not free.


SlideShare is an app which revolves around observing, sharing and saving for easy access when you are offline.


  • You can view presentations anywhere you are.


This is an app which makes learning tools that you can use to study anything with ease. You can create your study set. It incorporates all the information you need to top your next exam.


  • You can use it for free.

Easy Bib

This is an essential software for college students. It helps them to grow and become more effective and organized in their research.


  • You can use it to combat plagiarism.
  • You can use it to create different citations.

Wolfram Alpha

This is one of the significant educational applications every student needs to have. It does not rely on the web for results as it has its own compiled sources of data. Additionally, it has a computational ability which helps you find the answers and reports you may need to use.


  • It does not rely on the website for results.
  • You can use it to solve complex mathematical problems.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is an essential need for every college student. Having a relaxed mind and body helps you focus in class. The sleep cycle app is a study planner application which helps students who find it hard to wake up after a long day. It uses the microphone in your phone to analyze your sleeping patterns. It then wakes you up when you are less sleepy.


  • It can help you plan well your studies as it wakes you up when you are less sleepy.


  • It is not free.


IFTTT (If This Then That) is one of the university mobile apps which students can use to create potent links or relationships with a simple statement.


  • It brings some of your favorite services such as Google Drive, Twitter and Telegram to create new experiences.

Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary is one of the useful applications for college students. Having this app enables you to get the correct definition and meaning of words. Also, having this app guarantees you access to synonyms, antonyms and homonyms of other words. Its essence is that it helps you get more knowledge and equips with new vocabulary and phrases you can use in writing your articles.


  • You get to learn new words, phrases and vocabulary.
  • It helps you improve on your essay writing skills.

The Habit Hub

The habit hub is an app you can use to organize your assignments and tasks in different categories. You then customize your tasks in the order you want to attempt them.


  • It is flexible.
  • It encourages or motivates you to keep record of the tasks and assignments you are through with.
  • It has a free version.


  • The paid version is expensive.


College students need to have a peer to peer interaction with other students. Yet, this does not happen in a regular class. The Brainly app helps make it easy for students to socialize with each other. Students can ask and answer questions whose content aims to meet high standards when issued.


  • It is a social platform which enables students to interact with other students.

Word Hippo

Many students like repeating words and phrases in their articles. The Word Hippo app helps students avoid the repetition of words and phrases in their articles. It provides students with an alternative which they can use to communicate the same meaning.


  • Helps students learn new words they can use in their papers to convey the same meaning.
  • Helps students to avoid repeating words and phrases in their essays.


The internet makes one lose focus or concentration with ease while studying. The self-control software is one of the apps that help you focus on studying. It allows students to block insignificant websites for a specific period.


  • It helps students to concentrate on their studies.


Vocabla is a convenient tool for native speakers as well as students for whom English is their second language. Students can add new phrases, words and sentences to their vocabulary which they can use to improve their writing skills.

  • Helps students improve their writing skills by equipping them with new vocabulary.


In conclusion, students have heaps of assignments and tasks which they need to complete before the set deadlines. But, some find it hard to do so. There are various applications to help students they can use to achieve this. Above are some apps which every student needs to have.

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