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You can rapidly and easily generate leads by implementing different intelligent tools and modern methods to deliver a triggered email drip campaign on the go. Outreach campaigns are very popular as big and small companies use them to gain new customers, developing business relationships, and expand their business. Although, a great deal of practice is required to master outstretch methods. Newbies usually neglect many areas as experts tend to also dig deeper.

How do you strike a balance between what is important and what is not?

This article discusses 10 tips for successful outreach campaigns. This list has been compiled by evaluating the common mistakes individuals tend to make when delivering emails, generating leads, developing messages, and evaluating results.

1. Establish an ideal customer identity

Establish an ideal customer identity before beginning your lead generation or putting your outreach campaign in motion. It makes no difference if you call it customer identity, specific audience or buyer persona.

The most important thing is you know those you are focusing on. For instance, it could be an outreach for bloggers or influencers. Especially if this is your first campaign without any past trials, then developing various identities of your customers for testing and comparison is a very good idea. You will know the appropriate place to search for leads and the nature of leadership to look for having the right customer identity in mind. Generating leads looks pointless without a customer identity or specific audience.

2. Utilize multiple sources of leads

An important area in every test is to expand your approach. You should implement multiple methods and techniques to obtain different outcomes. This is also true with leads and the sources.

Ensure to have multiple lead sources. Always have another source to generate leads no matter how reliable the source is. Don’t tend to make assumptions, instead, test and see the difference in the results.

Another benefit of having multiple sources of leads is growth. This will make you have enough opportunity for growth with the multiple sources of getting leads. Implementing an outreach campaign is pointless once your leads are exhausted.

3. Begin with few numbers

Begin intelligently and with few numbers. Avoid rushing for every avenue to generate and extract leads. You might at the end unable to start an outreach campaign constantly generating leads. The most ideal situation is to start with generating a few leads from different sources, 100 to 200 per source for instance. Then start your targeted campaigns. You will be able to carry out multiple tests at the same time when you start with very few numbers which will give you better results when you eventually increase your leads.

4. Be scalable

Scalability is vital for expansion. High sources, high leads, high campaigns, high sales. You will definitely exhaust your leads if you are unable to expand your leads or targets. This makes having a scalable plan in place before beginning very important. You need to scale not only your leads or sources but also your procedures.

5. Regularly confirm leads

We have pointed this out times without number, it is compulsory to use an email verifier confirm your leads. Confirm the source and the leads you generate no matter how reliable it is. Some may be dead or invalid. The confirmation process is quite easy. This will increase your rate of delivery, reply, open rate, and the reputation of your sender. This will also reduce the expenses on your mailings.

6. Constantly section

Sectioning is part of intelligent actions in your campaign. You will have the ability to carry out a more targeted campaign by sectioning your list. If you don’t know about sectioning, begin by categorizing your list according to their gender, geographical location, and company size. You will be able to discover the best conversion from your targets and approach every section personally and extensively.

7. Customize regularly

Your email will look more natural when you customize it. It is important to customize your name or company name, but it should not end there. Type of business, titles, geographical location and other criteria can be used for customization. Always remember to customize your subject, the body of the email and your replies. Customization can help to enhance your evaluation rate starting from your open rate down to the rate of reply/conversion.

8. Create objective campaigns

Ensure you have an objective for your campaign. The objective of your campaign is important for proper evaluation. Irrespective of how excellent your open and click-through rates are, your campaign should be redeveloped once the objectives are not achieved. Your objective could be a registration, a sale, or an important aspect of your business. Every of your campaign should be created, evaluated and improved to achieve your objectives once you have them in place.

9. Evaluate every email drip campaign

Never neglect the importance of evaluating every email drip campaign no matter how dull it might seem. Every campaign irrespective of how small, big, common or unique is very vital. You can learn a thing or two from every campaign. Evaluating your campaigns will allow you to discover some trends and changes in your outcomes and benchmarks. You will also discover the higher converting audiences, procedures and customization that produce higher results.

10. Frequently perform A/B testing but don’t prioritize on this

It is good to still point out the importance of testing and evaluation even though it has been previously mentioned. However, carry out the A/B test (performing live comparison) on your audiences, sources, customizations, sections, copies, subject lines, timings and many more. You can only derive the best blueprint for your outreach campaigns through A/B tests. Don’t put an end to A/B testing once it starts to produce results. Don’t forget that A/B testing can become obsessive. It is pointless testing every little thing repeatedly. Carry out the test intelligently and always remember that the result is the main objective, not the test itself.


It is a good thing to commit mistakes because you will learn from them. But we hope that you make intelligent mistakes that you can use to intelligently run your campaigns. The most important part is to concentrate on each step of these 10 guidelines. Although some steps are not in detail but are important factors for success and growth.

Always keep these three points in mind if you never want to forget these tips – Diversify, Test, Scale.

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