Apple Tablet PC

So now that Apple has touch screen capability as shown with the iPhone and the iPod Touch, wouldn't it be great if they implemented that functionality into their laptops and created tablet computers? I think it would be a big seller, especially for college students who take notes in class. Leave a comment, what do you … [Read more...] YouTube Channel

I will be starting to record videos at least once a week on a topic of interest. I will using to record the videos and to upload them for everyone to watch. Please make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep yourself up to date with the latest videos from  However, this is … [Read more...]

Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) Review

The much anticipated release of Apple's new Operating System OSX 10.5 - Leopard, which happened on Friday October 26, 2007, brought about a slew of new features, 300+ to be exact. How much would you pay for "the world's greatest OS"? Apple says, $129 USD. That sounds good to me, $129 for over 300 new features and a full … [Read more...]

Mac OSX Leopard – Officially Preordered!

The much anticipated release of Apple's next generation OS - Leopard aka Mac OSX 10.5 will be released on October 26th.  That is this Friday!  I have been fortunate enough to be able to preorder a copy for myself, which is supposed to arrive on Friday the 26th.  I cannot wait to get my hands on it and am very excited. I … [Read more...]

WiFi Detector Shirt

A shirt that picks up a WiFi signal - talk about geeky!  Well, that's right, my girlfriend Mandy was cool enough to buy me one!  I could write about it, but everything I would say has already been covered in this video that I did with Chris Pirillo.  Feel free to check it out, you can watch it here on YouTube. What do you … [Read more...]

Wubi Installer Review

There has been a lot of hype over this new way to install Ubuntu by using a piece of software called the Wubi Installer. So I decided to give it a shot and overall I must say, it's very good. Keep in mind that this is still a beta piece of software. First off, let me explain exactly what the Wubi Installer does, if you … [Read more...]

Chris Pirillo Will Shave His Head

Back in June, Chris Pirillo was interviewing Tim from a web 2.0 site that allows people to stream themselves lives in front of an audience. This service has changed the way Chris works, how he produces, and publishes his media. During the interview Chris said that if he got 1000 viewers on the stream and 1000 … [Read more...]

Windows Vista Works!

I know this post may contradict my previous, however, I feel that I must. So that night, when I called my girlfriend before going bed, I told her about my problems. She said to me in a very non-serious, but not completely joking kind of tone, "Why don't you do some fall cleaning?" I replied, "Yanno, that's not such a bad … [Read more...]

Windows Vista Rant – I’m Getting Mad

Microsoft's latest Operating System is really starting to make me mad. It's really frustrating me, to say the least. How could it do this to me after I've praised it for about a year now? I've been using Vista since it first was released and even before then (during the times I used the beta). My machine is definitely … [Read more...]

Logitech QuickCam Orbit MP Review

My lovely girlfriend (Mandy - the excellent photographer) bought me a Logitech Orbit MP webcam a while back so we could webcam with each other, when she wasn't here. Another use that I have put this device to is streaming on my account. By the way, I have to finish coding that page as I stopped a while back due … [Read more...]

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