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The other day I asked Twitter this question, “If you could had to choose between a Dell XPS 730/Custom built PC or a Mac Pro – which would you choose and why?” – I had a feeling the replies would pour in and they did. Thanks to everyone who replied.

Twitter replies:

mand3rz @besttechie i would go mac pro. why? so I can have your old desktop :D

karolw @besttechie I would choose the mac pro. Because The Dell XPS has a high price range. And, it’s used mostly for gamers. IMO I would pick Mac.

jurassicjon @besttechie If I had a choose, i would so go for the Mac Pro, got to love the Mac OS

easy_way @besttechie this may be a bilt late but id get the mac pro cuz you aredy have a pc and a desktop mac would be nice

prozac420 @besttechie Mac Pro, because I’ve been jonesing for a Mac for years

ChrisTheMacGuy @besttechie Choose the Mac Pro; OS X is a far superior operating system to XP or Vista; You’ll pay more for the Mac Pro but it’s worth it.

krippl @besttechie Personally, I’d love a custom built Hackintosh. Best of both worlds

jeffreyrr @besttechie depends on your budget. Would either be Custom PC or MacPro. Custom is cheaper/better than XPS or MacPro bc it can do mac + win.

jfcap @besttechie custom built. Dell and Mac == no good.

gnimsh @besttechie mac pro. Dell probably has vista, custom PCs, like my desktop, can have stupid quirks, and I want to try os x.

paykan @besttechie mac pro simply cause it aint no Windows machine

dasfamiliar @besttechie Mac Pro. Because not only you could run os x, you can run Windows under bootcamp and still get full access to the video card. :)

David_Ford @besttechie: Are you serious?

Bayliss @besttechie – Mac Pro, pc’s aren’t as good as they used to be.

While I do not necessarily agree with all of the reasons as to why, I think we are starting to see a serious trend here. That trend being people migrating over to Apple computers. Why exactly are we seeing this trend? I mean, is it the hardware that’s better or is it the software that’s better or both?

Well, let’s take look at the hardware – the hardware in today’s Mac’s is superior, if not equal to that in a PC (Windows machine). Not only that, but it just seems to work right out of the box, why is that? Well, Apple has strict control over what hardware is used with OSX so they can easily manage drivers. Whereas, on the Windows side – Microsoft has their work cut out for them. Microsoft has to make sure their software (Windows) runs on almost any hardware on the market and for that, I give Microsoft some props. I am firm believer that it is not Microsoft’s job to make drivers for a product to work with their operating system – that’s the manufactures job.

On the software side of things, OSX trumps Windows in all aspects, period. OSX provides excellent software right out of the box, meanwhile, Windows not so much. I think that is a key feature of an operating system (the tools and software provided with it), after all, it is supposedly a system in which you can operate your computer on a daily basis.

This is why I am choosing a Mac Pro as my next computer. What will your next computer be? Leave a comment!

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