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Social media giant Twitter announced today a new feature for their increasingly popular social platform called “Related headlines,” which showcases exactly what you think it might: headlines associated with a particular “noteworthy” tweet.

This section, which can now be viewed on a tweet’s permanent link (permalink) page, features articles and stories from websites where the tweet was embedded. In theory, this will help provide greater context for stories that organically expand from tweets (most notably those of celebrities, politicians or ones that support an ongoing news story).

The prime example of this feature, demonstrated by Twitter, was of the support shown to NBA player Jason Collins when he re-confirmed his big news earlier this year via a tweet. Sports outlets the Internet-over covered the story and featured Collins’ tweet primarily, a tweet that now displays the very headlines linking to that original posting.

How Twitter plans (if at all) to moderate the linking of these posts remains to be seen, but the company noted on their official blog that users should start seeing the new section appear as early as today. Time to start checking the underside of your favorite tweets, huh?


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