Learn The Basic Unix Commands

Many people want to try Linux/Unix based Operating Systems, but a big problem that lies in front of them is being able to manage the OS and perform basic functions and operations. Well, fear not - I have found a nice article that is titled Learn Unix in 10 Minutes. Of course, it may take more than 10 … [Read more...]

Malwarebytes Blog Up And Running

I'm pleased to announce that BestTechie.net is hosting the Malwarebytes Blog. The blog is run by Marcin Kleczynski (RubberDuckY) who is the developer of many great pieces of software such as, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, About Buster, Qoofix, and Rogue Remover. The blog will be about computer security and … [Read more...]

Microsoft Fined $1.52 Billion Dollars Over Digital Music Patent

On Thursday, February 22, Microsoft was fined a record $1.52 billion for infringement of digital music patent. A court in San Diego decided that Microsoft breached patents, owned by Alcatel-Lucent, which enabled MP3 encoding. Microsoft annouced immidately after that they would appeal the ruling. Microsoft's … [Read more...]

Improve Your Google Search Results

Something many people don't realize is that Google will stop looking at search terms after the 10th word. That's right, it ignores every search term after the 10th word. So those long searches people search with are only getting partial results, which in the end won't be as useful to you. So now you may be … [Read more...]

BestTechie.net Website Makeover!

Every once in a while usually after a number of months if not more, I tend to have the need to redo BestTechie.net. Well, the time has come. I decided to go with a 3 column layout this time, which has tabs at the top as well as side navigation. I feel this layout is much easier to navigate than the … [Read more...]

Viacom Demands Removal of Videos From YouTube

Last year, Google bought YouTube for $1.6 Billion dollars. While at the time it may have seemed like a good investment for Google at the end of the day was it really? Well, as of now it is, but for how much longer will it be? Who really knows? Viacom who owns many broadcasting companies has demanded that … [Read more...]

Mac Malware Inevitable?

As Mac's gain more of the market share it is almost inevitable that malware/virus writers will start to target them. One study released by McAfee last year showed a 228 percent increase in OS X vulnerabilities, from 45 in 2003 to 143 in 2005. Which leads to the question - who is doing more to secure their … [Read more...]

foobar2000 – My Favorite Audio Player

I must say, foobar2000 is by far the best audio player for Windows. Of course, this is my own humble opinion however, I'm sure many would agree. foobar2000 has been around for a while now and has a pretty large userbase. For the past severel months I have been using foobar as my audio player on my machine. … [Read more...]

Windows Vista (Ultimate) Review

I'm going to break this review on Windows Vista up into a four different parts: The Background Information on Windows Vista The Good The Bad My Personal Opinion Part 1 - The Background Information on Windows Vista Microsoft released Windows Vista to the consumer on January 30th 2007. However, Vista … [Read more...]

RogueRemover Pro – Buy Today!

In today's world computer users worldwide are being targeted by so-called rogue applications. These programs are disguised, for instance, as trustworthy anti-spyware programs or registry cleaners. But they are only put on the market to scare you into buying these programs because they make exaggerated claims … [Read more...]

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